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Starting freshwater aquarium hobby

            So.. You have found new hobby? Or “I want to jump start my childhood memories of fish keeping” or maybe you want to improve your mental health. Somehow, some humans like us were amazed by these funny creatures. All they do is swim, and we spend a lot of time and energy to make them keep doing what they were born to do. Aquarium is the vessel, what's inside can be the realization of your imagination.

What kind of freshwater aquarium you wanted to build?

            Aquarium hobby grows rapidly, people find ways to build their dream aquarium and the industry trying hard to satisfy their demands. Big aquarium, small bowl, or just a classic cubic glass of water. There is lot of option, when you start and make it happen things will get simpler with experience.


What kind of fish that you want to keep?  To make it simple, you cannot mix tiger and zebra in one cage. Everyone knows that. It’s the same with fishes. You have to learn which fish is good for communal tanks and which not. I suggest you ask for an advice from your local fish store. 


  1. Simple fish tank 

iwakAquariums have the reputation of being a vessel for murky water and fish death traps. For so many people with busy life, swimming fishes in the aquarium is their stress relieve.  However, if you plan ahead and do the necessary things regularly it will became an amazing hobby. Otherwise, don’t even bother to keep a fish!
  1. Aquascaping 

       Aquascaping is the craft of arranging aquatic plants, as well as rocks, stones, cave work, in an aesthetically pleasing manner within an aquarium - in effect it's gardening under water – wikipedia. Create or build a landscape inside the aquarium for short. Aquascape designs include a number of distinct styles,

nature aquarium by takashi amano

  • The garden-like Dutch style 
  • The Japanese-inspired nature style.
  • Biotope style that inspired by the natural environment. 
  • Paludariums, underwater world is not enough. Why not both world?


What should I prepare ?

Fishkeeping can be as easy as keeping a betta fish inside a glass, even 5 years old will find it not humane. Follow these steps and you won’t be regretting your decision of aquarium hobby :

  1. Plan your aquarium

It is all about the position, plan where you want to setup the aquarium. Make sure that the aquarium is on wet-friendly area, because you need to do maintenance occasionally. Decide your aquarium theme also. Local fish shop will be happy to assist you.

  1. Prepare the aquarium

Make sure there is no cracked glass or loose sealant, clean it up but never use soap or any detergent. Just water and loincloth. cleaning

  1. Add water and substrate 

Substrate has its benefit for aquarium ecosystem; most bacteria live inside porous substrate and filter media. Declorinate water use is recommended, but small amount of chlorine water is “ok” for some aquatic fauna. Make sure you know about your flora and fauna requirement.

  1. Installing equipment
    • Filtration system.

Always make sure that you install aquarium equipment correctly. Sometimes people doesn't know the difference between water pump and proper filtration system.

    • Lighting

Most people neglect to turn off aquarium light, and then complain about green water. Algae use light from lamp to photosynthesis and propagate. Electric timer for is recommended to make things easier.

    • Air pump

For fish tank, air pump provide necessary oxygen for fishes. There is a debate about air pump usage on aquascape or planted tank. Read our aquascaping article here.

    • Heater / chiller

Hot or cold, depend on which region you live in. On 4 season regions, it is necessary to use heater on winter days. Fishes thrive at 25-30 centigrade.

  1. Cycle the tank.

    Cycling the tank means, you are building bacteria colonies in your aquarium and filter media to benefit your future fauna and floras. Ammonia is harmful to your fishes and they don’t smell nice. Buy some cycling bacteria from your local shop and add it into your system.

     There is a way to speed up this process. Increasing aquarium water temperature, add filter media from already established filter system, and increasing dissolved oxygen in the water.

  1. Add some fishes



Have fun with your new hobby and don’t hesitate to send us feedback..













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