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Photosynthetic Bacteria PSB For Aquarium - 500 ML

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PSB (Photosynthetic bacteria), just as the name suggests, are a special and unique class of microorganisms that has the ability to convert light energy into chemical energy using their light-absorbing pigments and reaction centers. These bacteria contain a compound known as bacteriochlorophyll which works similarly as chlorophyll in plants and enables them to perform the process of photosynthesis. Scientists are putting great importance in the study of these intriguing PSB (Photosynthetic bacteria) as they believe that the study of their photosynthesis and evolution might unlock some of the locked mysteries of how the world evolved and might help understand the process of potential life survival in uninhabitable.


Benefits of using PSB Bacteria in the aquarium:

PSB greatly contributes to the nitrogen cycle of the aquarium. Following are some benefit of using PSB bacteria in the aquarium:

  • PSB helps improves the quality of water in an aquarium. 
  • It helps decompose many toxic matters such as nitrous acid, organic materials, ammonia, pond sludge, and hydrogen sulfide. 
  • It enhances the disease resistance capacity of an aquarium.
  • It not only purifies the water quality but increases oxygen dissolution capacity. 
  • It helps reduces the chemical and antibiotic usage as it prevents aquatic life from disease. It also helps decreasing diseases by restraining the pathogenic bacteria counts in the water.
  • It also helps decrease COD, SS (suspended substances), and BOD and improve water quality.
  • It is rich in nutrition as it contains vitamin B, vitamin Avitamin D, protein, and others.
  • It helps improve the appetite of fish and shrimps and their digestion.
  • It helps promote botanical plankton growth.

Best beneficial bacteria for aquarium:

To keep the conditions of your aquarium stable, clean, and growth supportive then you ought to use good PSB products. Here we are listing the best beneficial bacteria for aquarium:

As we want to create the best possible environment for little inhabitants of our aquarium, focus on buying the right and reliable PSB (Photosynthetic bacteria) products that are worth your investment and prolongs the quality and length of the lives of aquatic creatures. 

Usage :  4 pump per 100L or 2 pump per 50 L  ( you cant never overdose your aquarium with this and its extremely safe for shrimps and other livestock )

I have triple dose for shrimps tanks and they are fine  even i did 4x / 5x pump per 50l

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Photosynthetic Bacteria PSB For Aquarium - 500 ML
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