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Christmas Moss


Christmas moss is a simple plant to grow in your aquascape and is an excellent addition to hardscapes & Dutch-style aquariums. In addition to enhancing the health of your aquarium, the unique leaf & branch pattern of Christmas moss create an interesting texture and depth to foliage.

Christmas moss is now available in Australia from Micro Aquatic Shop.


Aquarium plants Christmas Moss

Christmas Moss

Everything you should know about Christmas Mosses

Who doesn’t love to decorate their aquariums? You can decorate your aquarium with beautiful greens available online. Christmas moss is one of the most widely available, beautiful yet low maintenance greenery available in online stores. If you are preparing an aquascape in your house or at your workspace, you can definitely keep some of it and it will increase the beauty of the project for sure. Most of the designers know about it and the beautiful appearance and easy to maintain nature is loved by all the aquascapers out there. 

The reason behind such name:

So why is it called Christmas Moss? Well, if you take a closer view, you will see that small side branches of this moss look exactly like the fir tree branches. This is the simple reason that people call it Christmas moss. The greenery of the Amazon always amazes us with its variety of flora and fauna and this time it came up with the exceptionally beautiful moss. The Christmas Moss originates from Brazil. In most cases, aquascape plants need plenty of carbon dioxide to live a healthy and long life, but in the case of Christmas moss, the requirement for CO2 is pretty less. It can survive on low amounts of carbon dioxide. 

Perfect habitat for your mosses:

We all know that aquatic moss loves a cold and dark atmosphere. So if you can create that perfect condition in your aquascape, the moss will grow properly and wonderfully. Christmas moss is one of the lowest-maintained greeneries in the world. But like every other plant, it also needs a proper temperature range to bloom. If you keep the temperature of your aquarium below 77 F then the moss will bloom properly and you will be able to get the most out of it. It doesn’t matter if the aquarium is lit or dark, the moss will definitely look beautiful with all the other plants, greeneries, and every other element of the aquascape. 

How to turn it into a self-sustaining system?

Won’t you like it if your aquarium is a self-sustaining one? Well, if you put Christmas moss in your aquarium, it can be done. This beautiful moss is the perfect hideout and playing spot for your fishes and your shrimps. They can hide within the bushes of the moss and of course, they can play around it as well. Besides all of these, this is the perfect home of Infusoria. These are small invertebrates and unicellular algae. Your fish and shrimp feed on infusoria. If you plant Christmas moss in your aquarium, it provides plenty of infusoria and your fish will simply love this food. They can live on this food and hence you will be able to prepare a self-sustaining aquarium. 

How it recreates natural habitat

Christmas moss recreates the natural habitat for the fish, shrimps and other aquatic animals that you are going to pour into your aquarium. When you fetch something out of its natural habitat, it cannot cope with the new atmosphere and in most of the time dies easily. If you want your fish and aquatic species to live happily, you need to create a home space for them in this new place. Christmas moss will definitely help you with that. It creates the same atmosphere and the same amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide balance can also be available here. So your fish will stay happy and healthier under such circumstances. 


Besides all of that, the most effective point of bringing Christmas moss to your aqua space is the reason for their availability. If you search online aqua stores, you will get them easily. No matter which part of the world you live in, they are available online across the year. You can also search for those online shops that sell this product to other countries as well. You will be able to get your Christmas moss sitting on the other side of the world and that is the reason that most aquascapers totally love it.


Benefits of keeping Christmas Moss

This is one of the most sought after mosses in the aquascaping community, forming dense, bright green leaves in a triangular ‘pine-like branch structure.  Christmas moss can add an unexpected element and texture to your aquascape, filling in gaps and creating a contrasting living backdrop.

Layering moss to add texture to bonsai driftwood is a very popular trend amongst aquascapers. Anchoring the moss to tree-like structures creates the illusion of a flourishing, miniature tree growing underwater.

EASY TO MAINTAIN - You do not need any extra Co2 or special lighting. For maintenance, you can trim this plant every few weeks or leave it to grow into a wild-looking moss forest for your fish to hideout 


FOOD SOURCE FOR SHRIMP AND FRY - This moss can harbour infusorians. These are minute organisms that are vital first food for newborn fry. Shrimp may also like to feed off the microorganisms on the moss wall.


SOFT AND COMFORTING FOR FISH - This moss is not only beautiful but practical too. It will provide a safe place for shrimp, fry, and betta to hide in when they feel stressed. This is especially useful in a breeding tank.


CREATE A MOSS WALL OR MOSS CARPET - Sandwich this lush piece of aquatic moss in between plastic or metal mesh, this will create an attractive, green backdrop in your aquarium.


PROVIDES SOME OXYGEN - Like plants in general, moss sucks up CO2 and release oxygen into the water. If you don’t like noisy air stones, this moss is a great addition to help you oxygenate your tank.


SUCKS UP NITRATES, AMMONIA AND OTHER NASTIES, ALSO HELP TO REDUCE ALGAE - By products of fish waste, nitrates are harmless to most healthy fish under 30ppm, but as their numbers increase over time, they can stress and kill your fish. it’s usually not a large amount. Still, any nitrate absorbent is a benefit to your tank’s ecosystem. 

Care Guidelines:

  • Temperature: 20 -  28
  • pH: 5.8 - 7.5
  • Lighting: Low to moderate
  • Aquarium Placement: Any
  • Care: Easy
  • Suitable for Beginner: Yes
  • Can Live in Emersed: Yes

Size Portions: 

Loose moss: 5x5cm

Established Metal Mesh: 8x8cm


We can’t ship Livestock and Live Plants to WA and TAS due to State Restrictions. Kindly check out our DOA and other policies before purchase!!

Other things to consider before placing an order:

* Check to see if your tank has enough space.
* Ensure your tank is fully cycled.
* Ensure your new livestock is compatible tank mates for any other fish you currently have (in terms of habitat, species, requirements, temperament, and size)
* Ensure that your water parameters, habitat and temperature are suitable for the species you want to introduce.
* Do not stock your tank too quickly, or suddenly a large influx of fish can unbalance your water parameters that will affect the water quality.
* Do not feed your new fish for 24hrs. They need time to settle in and feel at home. Feeding them too quickly puts their health at risk, and it can even affect your water quality. If you have existing fish in your aquarium, feeding them before releasing the new fish is a good idea.
* Don’t be alarmed if, upon arrival, your fish, shrimp or snail look pale or lethargic. This is normal behaviour while in transit, and they should return to full colour and vibrancy after settling into their new home for a few days.

Also, be aware that livestock often gets stress and lose their colours after the long travel to you, this often happened to most livestock ( shrimps, guppies, plecos, and so on, kindly make sure you have the right set up, the aquarium must be fully cycled with the ideal parameters. Fishes and shrimps will often take from 3-7 days to fully adapt to the new home. If you have any concerns with your setup, kindly talk to us or check out some online tutorials before purchase.

At Micro Aquatic shop, we strive to provide excellent service and high-quality products, any concerns kindly contact us asap and often we will get back to you in a few hours during working hours. We do not accept claims when the livestock entered your aquarium as there might be so many factors that can affect the wellbeing of the livestock, on our part we can guarantee that we are always sending out healthy and quality fishes and shrimps to you.

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Christmas Moss -Vesicularia Montagnei

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Christmas Moss

Received Moss weed today loved it

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No problems with it. Delivered green and living. :)

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Good quality



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Vesicularia Montagnei - Christmas Moss
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