Stainless Steel Aquarium CO2 Diffuser Atomizer

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Kee bubble. Detailed function, do not take the cylinder outside the cylinder using the space.
Built-in replaceable high-density ceramics, good refinement effect, washable replacement.
Trachea interfaces with anti-lock off function to prevent high pressure detached.
Water interface with double pagoda-style interface design, easy to install and effective to prevent water loss.
Durable alloy casing

U-Tubes Bend CO2 Diffuser 7


This applies only to the inner diameter of the atomizer and an inner diameter of 16MM 12MM cartridge hose.
Please keep the nebulizer upright (trachea interfaces facing down) when you install and use it.
Before using the record bubbler water poured into 4/5.
Start using refiner piece big bubble will emerge is a normal phenomenon, after 24 hours of continuous use big bubble gradually reduced, up to 3 days after the big 
bubbles disappear.

Size S 12 16:
  • 12cm*6.5cm*2.5cm.
  • For Ceramic dis 20mm
  • Fit for 12mm 16mm water tube
  • Fit for4/6mm air hose
Size S 16 22:
  • Fit for 16mm 22mm water tube
  • Fit for4/6mm air hose

    U-Tubes Bend CO2 Diffuser 8

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    Ezekiel Baumbach


    Wilfrid Cronin

    Very good quality, and perfect design, I'll do the test soon.

    Teagan Hermiston

    Good product

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    Stainless Steel Aquarium CO2 Diffuser Atomizer
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