Hookeriaceae sp. Distichophyllum "Ultra Rare Moss"

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Distichophyllum sp. - a special moss for the aquarium!

Distichophyllum sp. is a rare type of moss, which is hard to find in stores. It is still a rarity at the moment. This type of moss is currently not certain. It was used in the aquatics as Distichophyllum sp. and also as Hookeriaceae sp. introduced. This is why this moss is sometimes called Hookeriaceae sp. to find.


The dark green to medium green rare moss Distichophyllum sp. stands out due to its special growth form. The unusually thick and organized looking moss shoots grow vertically and branchless.

Image Credit: garnelen guemmer

A small or a large group of the slowly growing rare moss makes a great impression in aquascape as well as in the nano aquarium and in larger planted aquariums and in combination with other moss looks unusual and apart. You can set perfect accents with it.

This aquarium moss is rarely available and is not particularly widespread in aquatics - a real rarity! Rare moss is one of the tropical shadow mosses of the Hookeriaceae family. Most species can be found in the Pacific and in the tropics of Asia. This moss family also exists in Europe, but one can assume that the as-yet-undetermined rare moss is a moss from Asia.

Distichophyllum sp. is a little demanding moss that doesn't need much maintenance. It is well suited to greening stones or burl wood in the middle of the aquarium or in the background. The upright growing shoots with their unusual shape look very primeval on the hardscape. It grows on its own with the help of its adhesive roots. Until that happens, you can attach the rare aquarium moss with twine or plant glue from Dupla.

The rare moss is also great to use as an unusual plant in the foreground of the aquarium. The moss tied to a grid plate is ideal for this.
The easy-to-maintain rare moss is also very popular in shrimp aquariums. Here shrimp always find some detritus or biofilms to graze or hide - especially interesting for young baby shrimps.

The water moss Distichophyllum sp. tolerates very soft to medium-hard water, temperatures of 18-26 degrees, and medium to very much light. Rare moss does not necessarily need CO2 fertilization, but it grows a little faster in aquariums with a supply of CO2.


Growth: medium
Color: green - dark green
Height: 5-15cm
Light: medium - very high

pH value: 5.0 - 7.5
Temperature tolerance: 18 - 26 ° C
Hardness: very soft - medium 


4 stem per portions about 2-3 cm in length


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Hookeriaceae sp. Distichophyllum "Ultra Rare Moss"
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