Clown Loach

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✅ Selling size: 7 cm

✅ Clown Loaches are very sociable fish and love to be kept with other clown loaches. They will school if kept in large enough groups, and really should be kept in a minimum group of three.

✅ The Clown Loach is an omnivorous, scaleless loach, with vibrant body coloring. They are quite active and will sleep with other clown loaches in any hole or nook they can find.
✅ Clown Loaches love to eat snails and will control any snails that enter your tank through new plants or otherwise.
✅  Clown Loaches make excellent tank mates to a wide variety of other aquarium fish, and their bright coloring and outgoing personalities make them one of the most popular aquarium loaches!

- Temperature: 25 - 28

- pH: 6.4 – 7. 4

- General Hardness: 150- 200 ppm

Limited Quantity Available - Will Sell out Fast!

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