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Aquarium Lily Water Pipe for Plant Filter

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No More Ugly Plastic Hoses and Filter Intakes Inside Your Tank!

This Lily Pipe is beautifully constructed and is made out of glass, it blends in with the aquarium, allowing you to recreate a perfectly natural-looking environment, without the sight of ugly hosing in your tank and when this pipe placed underwater, it becomes almost invisible!

It also has a second benefit, they can be used to control the pressure of the outflow on your filter. It's delicate and if you drop one on the floor, it will break. 

    As water flows out the pipe and out the opening, it will churn the surface water, which helps with a gas exchange – Oxygen (O2) entering the water and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) leaving it.

    This pipe is popular with many hobbyists who want the focus on their tank and environment, not ugly aquarium equipment for their pet fish!

    STORY 02 - Lily Pipe | ADA
    • Sliding Lily Pipe Outflow above the waterline allows it to also serve as an aerator which eliminates oily surface film.
    • Also, you can prevent deficiency of oxygen during the night.
    • Inflow Pipe
    • Glass Inflows are designed to transport the water from the aquarium to the external canister filter.
    • This simple design glass pipe has suction slits. For use with a frame-less aquarium tank.
    • Outflow Pipe
    • This outflow pipe bringing clean water from the filter back to the aquarium.
    • Moderate water circulation evenly within the aquarium is essential to maintain the water quality and prevent algae appearance.
    • Use a canister filter.
    • 13mm fits 12/16mm hose. Fit for fish tank 30-90cm
    • 17mm fits 16/22mm hose. Fit for fish tank 100-150cm

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Luke Vagg


    Betsy Terry

    Good quality, simply but sturdy packaging

    Fatima Feeney

    beautiful pipe. perfect wrapping. no damages during transport. thanks perfect, looks very nice

    Bettye Beahan

    Very good quality, very thick glass. recommended

    Kristina Considine

    Product as described. Great quality and price. Very good packaging.

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