Bonsai Driftwood For Aquascaping and FIsh Tank Decoration

✓ Quality and unique driftwood with natural resistance to the underwater
✓ Crafted by our skilled artists
✓ Fast order processing and local customer service
✓ We are based in Sydney and we deliver across Australia
✓ More than 100 bonsai driftwood in stock
✓ Exquisite looks, high quality materials and excellent design

    Bonsai Driftwood Australia

    Large Bonsai Driftwood

    Small Driftwood

      'Micro Aquatic Shop' holds a large range of driftwood including small size driftwood that suit perfectly small size acquarium. From 15 to 20 cm width and 15 to 18cm height, our small driftwood include laval rocks for extra covers for good bacteria for your aquarium.

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    Wholesale Driftwood

      Did you know that MicroAquaticShop is selling Bonsai Driftwood to local retail shop in Australia for the past 2 years? You can contact our team at regarding all wholesale enquiries.

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    Large Driftwood

    Large Bonsai Driftwood is the ultimate aquarium accessory for an aquascaper ready to add another dimension to their aquarium. Aesthetically, bonsai driftwood is able to create a mystical border between the above water and the underwater worlds.  

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    Small Bonsai Driftwood


    Discover our range of Masterpiece Driftwood. They beautifully mimic real life landscapes that transform your aquarium into a unique home decoration. Available in Large and Extra Large size 

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    Wholesale Driftwood

    Hand made

    We offer a wide range of aquatic driftwoods that are handpicked from around the world, so that our clients get only the best.

    To complement the beautiful Driftwoods, we supply aquatic plants that are carefully selected, so that you get only the best. Some of the aquatic plants we supply include Bucephalandra and Massimo Ball.

    Unique Driftwood

    Because each of our driftwood is unique, they all come in different shape and color. If you are looking at a specific design or length you need to contact us and we will let you know if we can match your demand.

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    Quality Controlled


    Every driftwood is controlled by our warehouse manager prior shipping to ensure we deliver only quality product. We package safely all our orders to provide the maximum protection to your aquarium trees and accessories.

    Bonsai Driftwood
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