Red Nose Shrimp - Algae Eating Shrimp

Searching for an algae-eating companion for your beautiful aquarium?

Check out our Darwin Algae Eating Shrimp, along with some of its traits and reviews.


Red Nose Shrimp Overview

The Red-Nosed Shrimp is native to the coastal areas of India and Southeast Asia. They are common to brackish water but will readily adapt to most water conditions and even freshwater habitats. However, if breeding in nature and in an aquarium the larvae will need brackish water to develop. Shortly after birth, the developed larvae can be slowly acclimated to freshwater where it can then thrive. This species is a distinctive species in the shrimp community. They are popular for their Rhino shaped nose and their distinctive red marking on their nose or rostrum. They are different from most common freshwater shrimp in that they actually are true swimmers not runners like most others.

  • Algae-Eater
  • Great tanks mate
  • Reproduction

Learn more about Darwin Algae-Eater Shrimp

Common Name: Darwin Algae Shrimp
Scientific Name: Cardina sp NTnilotica
Water Chemistry: 6.5 to 8 PH
Temperature: 22-27 degrees Celsius
General Hardness: Soft-Moderate.

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