Alder Cones For Shrimps and Aquarium Tanks

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Alder Cones For Shrimps and Aquarium Tanks

Alder cones are popular due to the fact that they contain tannin which has a positive impact on the condition and health of tank fish, they help in the first stages of some of the diseases. The cones have protective properties for roe. In spawning aquariums, the cones combine some proteins contained in water providing nourishment for alevin.

The alder cones are also popular amongst fish keepers due to their acidifying, lower pH in water and disinfectant properties. Although they disinfect water, they are harmless to delicate shrimps and crabs. The cones can also help get rid of algae. The black alder cones are perfect, when used in greater amounts, to create so-called ‘black water’ biotopes. Alder cones are especially recommended for aquariums with particular types of fish: Cichlid, Characidae and Loricariidae as they lower water pH. Black alder cones are also often used as decoration in smaller tanks such as shrimp tanks.


  • Alder Cones had tannins and humic acids that carry anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties
  • Alder cones work as shrimps shrimp's stress reliever 
  • Alder cones help lower pH
  • Perfect for shrimp and other tropical pets
  • They look amazing in your tank.
  • A good hiding place for young/moulting shrimps and other tropical pets
  • Alder cones can change the water a light yellow colour


  • Add the alder cones directly to the tank in small quantities, as they are potent compared to other tanning products such as Catappa leaves etc.
  • Can put directly into the aquarium 
  • 1 cone per 50 L,  ( high quality )  very tanning so if you don't want your tank to be fully tea colour , pls try to cut the cone in half for per 50 L of water. 
  • Your shrimps will love these cones   

Package Includes:

  • 10 Huge Alder Cones

Note:  Alder Cones are much more potent than our Banana & Indian Almond Leaves

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I have a tank full of happy shrimp!

Great product and quick postage. Shrimp are enjoying their new alder cones

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Alder Cones For Shrimps and Aquarium Tanks
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