Aquarium Activated Carbon Ceramic Rings Bio Balls

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This is ideal decor for fish tank substrates for your aquarium. It reduces stress on fish and helps to filter new or heavily populated aquariums. Perfect for biological and mechanical filtration with ceramic rings are highly porous and create optimal living conditions for nitrifying bacteria and other microscopic organisms. This will maintain clean water in your fish tanks.

It removes odour, colours, organic pollutants to keep the water crystal clear; removes toxic compounds from the fish tank. Safe for both fresh and saltwater tanks and it's fast-working and long-lasting. Always rinse carbon media through until the water runs clear before use. It can also be used in a reactor.

Size: (The size may be a little different because the aquarium materials are irregular, please allow 5mm to 1cm deviation)

Yellow Porous Ball: 1.7cm to 2cm; Yellow Porous Ring: 1.8*2.2cm; Wht Respiratory Ring: 1.8*2.1cm; Red Respiratory Ring: 1.8*2cm; Hexa Ceramic Ring: 2.4*2.6cm; 1.9*2.3cm;Geramic Ball: 0.7cm to 1cm; Ammonia Absorb Stone: 0.5cm to 2.8cm; Mainfan Stone; 0.5cm to 2.5cm; Volcanic Rock: 0.5cm to 2.6cm

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Customer Reviews

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Theodora Von

Great, fast! Already washed and put in the vaporizers of the humidifiers, in the water for the iron.

Ella O'Kon

satisfied, everything ok, I give 5 stars

Letitia Pollich

Aquarium Activated Carbon Ceramic Rings Bio Balls

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