Aquarium Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

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Aquarium Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Stainless steel wire mesh is a versatile and convenient product great for securing mosses, riccia, and plants. It can be placed on the substrate to create a carpet or along with the glass for a moss wall. Due to its flexibility, wire mesh can be twisted and bent, which would allow it to wrap around driftwood or rocks. This material is suitable in the aquarium because it does not rust or corrode.


Key Features:

  •  PERFECT AQUARIUM ACCESSORY: Whether you are a veteran in aquascaping or a newbie thinking of installing an aquarium in your home or office space, buy this stainless steel mesh accessory. Plant java moss or other moss species to beautify your water tank and create a play zone for fishes. A great solution to your messy aquarium.
  • ADD A TINGE OF GREEN TO YOUR AQUARIUM: Use this mesh to create a luscious green Aquascape. Sandwich java moss in between two pieces of mesh, OR use fishing thread to tie down other moss to the mesh to create a stunning moss wall or floor. Ensures cleanliness and will only take a little work to tie your real or artificial plants.
  • CREATE WALL OR FLOOR WITH MESH: This allows you to cover quite a large surface area of your tank. If you want, you can even sandwich moss in between two pieces of mesh. You may also combine the mesh in order to decorate the entire wall or flooring of your fish tank.
  • MADE FROM HIGH-GRADE STAINLESS STEEL THAT DOES NOT RUST: The stainless steel will not rust or chip. It is designed to last for decades and will not leech into the water. Additionally, stainless steel is resistant to saltwater corrosion. The metal will not be seen once moss covers it, and because stainless steel is versatile, you can use wire cutters to cut this down to different sizes for your tank.
  • STRONG YET FLEXIBLE: This stainless steel mesh has fine holes and is machine cut. This makes it strong, yet flexible; allowing you to bend or curve the mesh in your aquarium as needed. With these pieces of stainless steel mesh, you won’t have any messy riccia or moss floating all over your tank. Proven good quality, useful, and sturdy enough that it won't cut to pieces easily.
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Customer Reviews

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Helen Blight
Mesh wire

Item was arrived as expected and was good for putting moss on

Jessica V.
Exactly what I was after!

Got my mesh in great exciting to unbox my package. Everything was in great condition and packaged so well.

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