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Full Green Jade Cherry Shrimp


Full Green Jade cherry Shrimp is a great beginner aquarium shrimp and they have amazing colouration. They are one of the hardiest shrimp we keep in the shrimp room.

Only females reach the deep intense green with a back stripe. Males are usually a bit more translucent and can show striped marking along the side of the body. A blue hue or green jelly appearance They will have a nice green colouring but may have brown or green stripes along the body

This unique variety of Neocaridina davidi is one of the more deluxe and least common varieties!

We are very excited to offer another colour form of our most popular species, Neocaridina davidi… the Green Jade Shrimp!  This is one of the most recent forms in the ever-growing varieties of this dwarf shrimp species.  Boasting a beautiful deep green colouration (especially with dark substrate), this variety is sure to quickly rise in popularity.  Some specimens have a green-yellow or green-blue colouration as well.  

Care for this shrimp is identical to all varieties of Cherry, Neon Yellow, Blue Velvet, Sapphire, Blue/Black Diamond, Chocolate, Snowball, and Rili Shrimp.  It is comparably durable as well.  

This shrimp is a scavenger and is very useful in planted and nano aquariums.  The bulk of its diet is a biofilm, algae, and decaying plant matter so it will work diligently to clean up the waste in any aquarium.  It feeds constantly, so it displays constant activity.  In a less mature aquarium, it should be fed high-quality flake and mini pellet dry foods with high algae/spirulina/plant content.


Tank Parameters

Ph: 7 to 8.0
TDS: 180 to 250
Temp: 24c

Tank Equipment

Filter: Sponge Filter
Substrate: Inert Substrate
Water: Decolorinated Tap Water.
Decor: Driftwood, Moss and Indian Almond Leaves


Grade:  High 

For sale are shrimp juvies  ( About 4-6 weeks, roughly 45 days ) ~ 5 to 10mm in size, and will reach breeding age in 45 days 


*note: for this colour only ( green colour  ) juvie will be slightly green and the bigger they grow the more green they will become. Females will have stronger green than males 


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Full Green Jade cherry Shrimp - Highest Quality
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