Glass Catfish - Kryptopterus Bicirrhis

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✅ Selling size: 5 cm

✅ Other common name: Ghost catfish

✅ Glass Catfish do not have much colour. They are clear all the way from their gills to their tails. The head of the catfish is black with two long prongs coming from their nose, almost like feelers.

✅ They are known to jump out of tanks. They like to hide and swim around vegetation, so keeping them in planted tanks is best. All of their organs are encased in a silver coloured sack and are visible because they are transparent.

✅ Feeding

These fish will feed on most commercial dried foods like flakes and pellets once they have adapted to them.

✅ Compatibility

These catfish will get along with most fish and are not harmful or intimidating to other fish. They are known to eat small fry occasionally

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amimah Amit
All you see are it's bones!

They are friendly but very shy and likes hiding under heater or behind plants. They are beautiful looking fish with mesmerising see-through bodies. Their bones comes in hues of blue or black. They are not a demanding omnivore fish. They mix well with livebearers like guppies, swordtail, patty and shrimps. I've not witness yet, but I don't think they eat guppy frys. As suggested, they are best kept in groups - bought more the 2nd time to accommodate the solo fish one we initially had. Hard to locate if there's too many plants in the tank.

Rachel Whittem
Glass catfish

Happy lil fish, doing great! Everything was wonderful. Definitely need more fish soon!

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Glass Catfish - Kryptopterus Bicirrhis
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