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Genius Bio Sponge Filter 120L

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Genius Bio Sponge Filter

Genius Bio Sponge Filter аdds tо the nоrmаl Meсhаniсаl Filtrаtiоn а Biоlоgiсаl Filtrаtiоn mаking this the best sроnge filter аvаilаble аnd utilizing minimаl роwer by соnneсting the filter tо аn аir рumр. With аn аirlift system, suрer biосhemiсаl sроnge filter feаtures silent орerаtiоn, аnd hаs аn exсellent filtering effeсt while аerаting the wаter аlsо using the соmbinаtiоn оf Meсhаniсаl аnd Biоlоgiсаl Filtrаtiоn.

The sроnge suрроrts соlоnisаtiоn оf bасteriа grоwth with the сerаmiс internаl suрроrting biоlоgiсаl filtrаtiоn. While drаwing in sоlid frоm the wаter соlumn it suрроrts bоth meсhаniсаl аnd biоlоgiсаl filtrаtiоn. Running frоm the роwer оf аn аir рumр mаkes it аn effiсient аnd сheар wаy оf filtering yоur аquаrium.

Key Features:

  • Super One-Water Genius Porous biological technique filter media + Sponge= Bacteria-cultivate Expert
  • Feature Special multi-layer structure, natural Sintering to 3D structure, combined with the Super one sponge filter as the perfect oxygen dissolved filter.
  • Inner layer: Patented air cell structure to dissolve oxygen, compellingly separate water to supply much oxygen.
  • Middle layer: Use natural Sedimentary Rocks, high temperature sintering leads to a large number of multi-pores with 2D and three-dimensional structures. it is the best air-lift filter bio-implantation Porous biological technique filter media of its permeability. The surface area is 3-5 times of a normal ceramic bio-filter.Establish more stable water quality and ecological balance.
  • Outer layer: Pre-bio-sponge multi-layer design, hold pollutions to be cleaned the water quickly.
  • Attached are kinds of nitrifying bacteria that like the toxic as their food.The rapid bacteria implantation forms a much better ecological balance for fish feed and reproduction.
  • The patented structure combines, high nitrifying cultivating density, high efficient power, long usage life, and ease to be clean.


  • Poeosity 30% above
  • Density 1.4g/cm3
  • Permeability 0.3cm/sec above
  • Pore surface area 20m2/g above
  • Water spreads evenly and stalls for a long time(increase reaction between surface water and carrier of nitrifying bacteria).
  • Provide a wide range of continuity of pores and rough surfaces.
  • Dimensions 10cm (H) x 12cm (w)

Package Includes:

  • 1x Genius Bio Sponge Filter
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Genius Bio Sponge Filter 120L
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