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Orange Eye Blonde Tiger Shrimp( OEBT )

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Orange Eye Blonde Tiger Shrimp


Orange Eye Blonde Tiger shrimps are light to dark blue and have dark tiger stripes. These blue tiger shrimps have orange eyes and the contrast of the orange eyes to the blue body is superb. Tiger shrimps are pretty active shrimps, which makes it very nice to observe them. They grow to a maximum of 3 cm, with the females becoming a bit bigger and fuller than the males. Growing with the Blue Tiger is fairly easy. This is a great species to keep but is on the more expensive side due to its rarity. Care is just like the regular Tiger Shrimp and maybe just a little more attention is needed due to the high price.

The Blue Tiger Shrimp does not breed true, some offspring will have the blue coloration but some will not. All offspring will have orange eyes however. This species is not dyed in any way but t it does not produce 100% blue offspring. The non-blue offspring are simply called Orange Eyed Tiger Shrimp or sometimes called Blonde Tiger Shrimp. The exact ratio of blue:non-blue offspring is unknown. It is said that breeding both blue species will produce a higher ratio of blue offspring. 


Tank Parameters
  • Ph: 6.5 to 7.5
  • TDS: 100 to 180
  • Temp: 18-28C
Tank Equipment
  • Filter: Sponge Filter
  • Substrate: Inert Substrate
  • Water: Decolorinated Tap Water.
  • Decor: Driftwood,Moss and Indian Almond Leaves



For sale are shrimp juvies  ( About 4-6 weeks, roughly 45 days ) ~ 8mm in size , and will reach breeding age in 45 days 

Each Pack: x 10 shrimp juvies 

All Pack comes with free shrimp food and free shipping  


Limited Quantity Available - Will Sell out Fast!

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Yes, it is, in fact, shrimps love them as bonsai driftwood provide covers, supply backup food ( Moss ) and help to soften the water.
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