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Riffle Shrimp (Australatya Striolata)

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Aquatic Shrimp
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Riffle Shrimp (Australatya Striolata)

They are called Riffle Shrimp because they are found in riffles, shallow fast flowing sections of creeks.

Riffle Shrimps can grow to over 6cm. Riffle Shrimp changes its gender at around 3.5-4cm from males to females. If you want to breed these shrimps, make sure they are both in the same size range.

General Information

Breeding: Easy

The entire lifecycle is carried out in Freshwater



One of the greatest attributes of these shrimp is watching them use their filter-feeding feet to catch food items wafting in the current.

Riffles are adaptable to most aquarium conditions as long as extremes are avoided but require highly oxygenated water, temperatures not exceeding 27 degrees C for long periods of time, and are sensitive to phosphates and CO2.

You can keep riffles with fish as long as they can't fit in the fishes' mouths, although the fish may hassle the shrimp.

Warning: These shrimp can and do a climb, so keep tight-fitting lids on your tanks.


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Samuel J.
Not bad good size

Great healthy shrimp as always with micro aquatics all arrived were a little stressed at first due to transportation but all have survived and taken to tank well, have purchased all my shrimp and snail from micro aquatics without any dramas

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Riffle Shrimp (Australatya Striolata)
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