Shrimp Snow 50gr

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Shrimp snow is made out of 100% Soy Husks and do not fowl your water when you are feeding. It is ideal for freshwater shrimp, snails, crayfish, and catfish.

When you go away or when you do not have much time, it will be good as it can be a 24/7 natural food supply for your shrimps which you only need to feed 2 or 3 times per week. 


- Fill the tank with a tiny amount of the meal. 

- Put a 5mm long piece of the pellet into the aquarium for every 10-15 shrimp. 

No worries, the product may be left in the aquarium tank until it is eaten, it will not spoil the aquarium water.

When the pellets are immersed, they expand and form a carpet of' snow' inside your tank.

If you haven’t tried them before your shrimp is really missing out.


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Customer Reviews

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Kirsty L.
Great stuff

The shrimp and the snails love the snow, and it doesn't dirty the tank like algae discs do

Prue J.
Shrimp love it

My shrimp love this stuff

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Shrimp Snow 50gr
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