• Trees for your fishy friends!

    Trees for your fishy friends!
    Adding Japanese traditional flare to your aquascape, with a twist. Bonsai is the art form of creating perfect miniature representations of regular trees, it takes years of experience and training to execute. Some bonsai trees are centuries of years old and are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. So I forgive you if you've never thought of them being aquarium friendly. Bonsai driftwood on...
  • Stunning Bonsai Plant Ideas for Fish Tanks

    Stunning Bonsai Plant Ideas for Fish Tanks
    It is stunning to see how people make use of bonsai plants to a fish tank where it serves as a balancer for its ecosystem, food for the marine animals, and good decoration. If fishes are pretty, live aquatic plants add to the beauty of the fish tank where it creates a more relaxing nature vibe. It takes great patience to maintain a good...
  • 27 Best driftwood For Aquarium

    27 Best driftwood For Aquarium | Driftwood Types Of All Time
    27 Best Driftwood For Aquarium in 2019 Top Aquarium Driftwood Types Aquarium Driftwoods are the widely used components for fish tank decoration. These driftwoods for aquariums add stunning effects to your fish tank. There are various particular types of fish tank driftwood with charming colours and shapes. They help to create a beautiful scenario inside your aquarium co-operating with avatars, stones, rocks and woods....
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