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Hi there! Are you looking for Super Unique and Amazing Aquarium Products? We are here to take care of your needs.

We are specialized in:
HUGE variety of Unique Aquatic Shrimp, LARGE range of Unique Bonsai Driftwoods, WIDE Amount of Unique Aquatic Snails, Plenty of RARE Aquatic Plants/ Moss, Unique Aquarium Decor, Aquatic Rocks, and hundreds of amazing products from our shop.

At Micro Aquatic Shop, we promise to look after your demands as we did for thousands of our customers. Know that you are important to us and the only thing which makes us happy is by making you happy.

- PICK UP and CHECK OUT our items at our SHOP at Unit 15, 2-8 Daniel St, Wetherill Park NSW 2164 (Mon-Sun, 8am-5pm)

- Get it to ship to your door by purchasing at our website:

- Call us at (02) 8320 3037 to tell us what you want to

- or Message to us via Facebook Messenger Chat of Micro Aquatic Shop

If you are new and want to seek guidance or have any difficulties with your aquarium, I (Hoang) can provide you with good advice that will save you heaps of money; I truly just want to make sure you grasp the problems and solve them as effectively as possible for you. I'm not an expert; I'm just a hobbyist who runs into most situations you can think of because I like to test things as much as possible in order to improve the process of taking care of my aquariums.

See you soon 🥳 !


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