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Cholla Wood-100% Natural-Organic Aquarium Driftwood Decoration

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Derived from the dried husk of the Cholla cactus, Natural Cholla Wood is the smart choice for all conscientious pet owners. These organic softwoods are all natural, thorn-free and treated to make sure there are zero traces of chemicals or harmful substances that may hurt your pets.

Benefit : 

✔ ORGANICALLY GROWN & DRIED, 100% SAFE --- As the dried husk of a naturally grown Cholla cactus, these organic woods are free from any trace of pesticides, chemicals or other potentially harmful substances. Keeping the safety of your pets in mind, the cholla wood is thorn-free, has no sharp edges and gets softer the longer it stays in your tank, cage or aquarium. 

✔ SAFE HIDING SPOT FOR BABY SHRIMP --- Fish, fry and particularly adventure loving shrimp benefit greatly from the addition of Cholla Wood pieces to their tanks. They love to swim around or camp out in intriguing, perforated wood pieces. The cholla wood is hollowed out so that baby shrimp and other smaller species have a safe and secure hiding spot when they are molting or feeling vulnerable.

✔ LONG TERM NATURAL FOOD SOURCE --- A smart choice for any conscientious pet owner, the attractive and multi-functional Cholla Wood pieces are more than just a decoration or climbing or chew toy. The healthy cholla wood is also a natural food source that lasts for years. Microorganisms and biofilm that grow on the wood provide shrimps, fish, snails and other pets with additional nutrition. Eventually, the wood will break down and disintegrate on its own.
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✔ HEALTHY, NUTRITIONAL CHEW TOY --- Aquatic and terrestrial pets alike enjoying chewing on the soft, nutritional cholla wood pieces. After they arrive and are properly quarantined, the cholla cactus husks are ready to be placed into an underwater habitat with pleco, fish, and shrimp or in a dry terrarium or cage for guinea pigs, chinchillas or hamsters. The wood even works as a pecking toy for pet birds like parakeets and cockatiels.


All pieces uniformly cut. Extra hollow centers 

    Size: ~15cm 


    Limited Quantity Available - Will Sell out Fast!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Amanda M
    Happy shrimp

    Very fast delivery , quality product the shrimp love it.

    Tracy Clarke
    Great products with fast shipping

    Very happy with my items, thanks so much.

    kadine manski (kadinmansk_0)

    Cholla Wood-100% Natural-Organic Aquarium Driftwood Decoration

    Rohan Jackson
    The only place for ....

    This store has lots of stuff for shrimp lovers, that are difficult to get anywhere else in my experience. No live shrimp this time but I really want some blue ones so I will definitely be back. Great service and delivery times .

    Ian Dimmick

    great service...nice sized peices of cholla wood.

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    Cholla Wood-100% Natural-Organic Aquarium Driftwood Decoration
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