3 in 1 Aquatic Shrimp Bacter Powder ( St 1 )

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24.95 AUD

3 in 1 Aquatic Shrimp Bacter Powder

Winter is here in our shrimp tanks

Snow effect from our All in 1 Bacter Powder ST-01 for shrimp from Shrimp Touch Product!
Widely used in many Shrimp Farms from Vietnam, Taiwan, and other countries

-They helped to reduce cycle time for new soil to only 7-10 days instead of 4 weeks.
-Provide essential nutrients in a new ecosystem for -shrimps especially baby shrimps
-Create a nice green wall on glass in a few days so babies shrimps can have the best source of food after born
-Provide natural food source for adults and babies shrimps
-Provide your water with good bacterias and enhance your water quality.

create a nice cinematic Snow Effect when you put them into your shrimp tank :D

#All in1BacterPowder

ST-01 Bacter Powder is a start-up a bio bacteria that can be mixed for both freshwater shrimp and fish. Bacter powder is specially mixed that helps speed up the development of mycelium fungi, beneficial bacteria, which greatly reduces the cycling process and provide your shrimps with essential nutrients in a new ecosystem.

Ingredients: Microbes, Vitamins, Yeast

Dosage: Spread 2 teaspoons ( use 0.25g teaspoon type  )  of bacter powder evenly in the substrate for 50L tanks. One spoon after a water change to keep bio bacterias healthy. Use in combination with Dr Yu vitamins for best results.

Expired Date: 1 year after the lid is opened

Size: 25G/Bottle


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3 in 1 Aquatic Shrimp Bacter Powder ( St 1 )
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