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Otocinclus: Nano Janitors

by Micro Aquatic Shop 23 Sep 2020

Keeping an aquarium or fish tank can be tricky sometimes, especially the cleaning part; algae starts to build up especially when left unchecked, so if you do not have the time to clean your tank a great way to help lessen the task of cleaning your tank would be to add algae-eating fish which brings us to talk about the best algae-eating nano fish, the “Otocinclus Catfish” or better known nickname as the Dwarf Sucker fish or just Oto Catfish.


Photo from Aquarium Co-op

Fish 1: Guess what my least favorite day of the week is? Fish 2: hmmm I dont know, what?
Fish 1: Fry day!
Fish 2: lol...

These species of catfish are really good at eating algae inside your fish tank, but they are a fragile kind of fish that requires a lot of preparation before even thinking about getting one!

Most would die just after being added to the tank, if you are lucky enough and follow the proper care procedures for the fish and with the proper conditions it will thrive.



Photo from Shrimp and Snail breeder

Fish 1: Why did the whale cross the ocean? To get to the other tide! Lol Fish 2: That is enough with all the fish Jokes! I think we should SCALE back! Fish 1: .....

The Oto catfish are not only famous for being a voracious algae eater but for also its lightning speed under water, it can swim from one end of the fish tank to the other side in a split second! Well, depending on your fish tank size that is.



Photo from Smart Aquarium Guide

Ryan Fish: Hey Dave! Why are fish so smart?... Because they are always in schools! Get it? Because...
Dave Fish: Shut up!

The Oto Catfish are peaceful in nature and have no natural way to defend themselves, so it is best to keep them with other peaceful fish inside the tank, to avoid any kind of conflict that would lead to one of them calling the police! All jokes aside though, do a lot of research regarding proper care and handling before getting an Oto Catfish.



Photo from

Fish 1: Have you heard about the other fish fighting again? Fish 2: Yeah, good thing we hate conflict and fighting.
Fish 1: You could say we are
Fish 2: If I had a hand I would face palm so hard right now.



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