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Great Shrimps

Was abit hesitant purchasing online. But when I received my package today I was so happy! I actually ordered more!
Thank you for the lovely Shrimps love them!


Very fast at shipping them off and very good products couldn’t recommend more.


Thanks a lot, they are very intersting creatur, very cute


We’re a little small but all is good

Great addition to my tank!

They’re so fun to watch, arrived healthy and on time. Would definitely order more once they become available

Dragon stones

Lovely stones for aquarium, they match my river gravel in colour very well.


I received my order, expensive but growing well

Really cool

Super cute . Small young babies ..

Leopard Ramshorn Snails

Excellent service.

Very well packaged so all we’re alive when delivered. Quick delivery too! If my little snails didn’t breed so much I would buy from again! Highly recommended!

Happy as shrimp

Shrimp arrived in Darwin safe and sound, and within 3 days, they were professional packed, very happy 😊

Nerite snails

They are so cute, special and very healthy! Thanks. Arrived safe and sound. Also, explore the new space right away.

Happy and Healthy

My snail arrived alive. Even though it was very small he's doing well. My Flame moss is doing well too. Thanks

Aquarium Cyanoacrylate Glue

Shrimp/cholla wood

All arrived alive. Just gotta wait for them to get colour. Maybe less than juvies. Cholla wood needs time to sink because dry but still a great product.

Still happy with them. Thanks

The only place for ....

This store has lots of stuff for shrimp lovers, that are difficult to get anywhere else in my experience. No live shrimp this time but I really want some blue ones so I will definitely be back. Great service and delivery times .

Mesh wire

Item was arrived as expected and was good for putting moss on

Excellent shop, service and delivery.

This was my first online purchase of livestock (Red Cherry Shrimp and a Nerite Snail). I put in a late order before Christmas and the team at Micro Aquatics bent over backwards to get it to me before (Thank you). The live stock arrived the next day, in solid packaging and top condition. A little extra too ;)

Customer service

Received the items quickly, excellent products and service

great service...nice sized peices of cholla wood.

Simply amazing - would recommend.

So much value in this order! I love all of the little shrimp that arrived! Very healthy and extremely colourful.


Repeat customer. Very happy with price, communication, delivery and quality. Will be back again and again !

Nerite Snail | Algae Eater for Aquariums

Good quality

Good healthy snail with veracious appetite for alge

Quality Shrimp and Service

I have made a few purchases through Hoang and his team. Couldn't be happier with the BCS that turned up!! And always packaged perfectly!! Thanks!!!

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