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Hyрtis lоrentziаnа
Michelle Brooks

Hyрtis lоrentziаnа

Hygrophila Difformis -Water Wisteria

Dried Mulberry Leaves - 10g

Red Rose Guppy - (Pair)
William Dunphy

Really beautiful pair fish. Recommended

Love the shop thanks guys

Healthy and growing very nicely

Quality at its finest

Great live products, great customer service and cheap prices

Wendy Gillard
Great quality tools

These tools arrived fairly promptly, are sturdy & very useful for aquascaping my aquarium.


Unfortunately this plant took too long to arrive, and was too wet inside the bag. A lot of the leaves and stems had turned black and covered in what looked like some sort of mold. I did salvage what I could and put in my tank but within a few days they were all melted and dead.

The plant itself is a lovely plant that’s why I chose to buy it

Red Cherry Shrimp

Very happy. Shrimp arrived safe and sound even though they took a little longer (Auspost fault).

Anubias Congensis
Serene Johnson
Beautiful plants

I've had silk anubias for a while and decided to get the real thing. I attached it to some driftwood I already had, and it's going beautifully!

Trident Java fern and Java Moss

Great plants free from snails and other pests. Packed well and delivered fast.

Very happy thank you so much will be back very soon

Best customer service + great quality products

Glue was great, worked a charm for my aquascapes.

I have ordered multiple times from this store, and have had great results each time. If there is anything you want to ask or have had any issues with, their customer service is amazing. Quick to get replies from their facebook page and have done their best to fulfill any special instructions you have.

I have also bough live shrimp from the store which arrived very quickly and in good health. They are very active little guys!

Definitely recommend this store and will continue shopping in the future.

Microsorum pteropus - Java Fern

Aquarium Water Changer Faucet Pump

Very worthwhile purchase. Filling 4 tanks is easier & faster than using buckets. Syphoning feature is alright as long as you go old school (hose out the door & attached to the gravel cleaner), very slow to syphon using the tap/backflow method. Overall very happy with my purchase.

Had them for bout a month now there so cute I love them , I’ve got a community tank with wild types and just normal cherry shrimps bunch of colours haha 😊

simple beauty

bought this yesterday.
Nice floating plants used as second filter in my fish tank
as they take out all the baddies

Great plant easy care, suck out all the baddies in your fish tank for you

bought it yesterday and let them float around a ring
great natural look for my planted tank

Black Slate Rock
Jamie Knox
Slate Rock

Good product and great supplier

Blue Cherry Shrimp
Samantha Smith

Great service

Long brush

Cleans filter hose well

Green Spot Algae Begone!

I bought a dozen of these to distribute around my tanks. I put them all in one tank initially while I'm redesigning the others. The 160 litre tank they went into was recovering from a fertiliser overdose a few weeks before and had a LOT of green spot algae on the well lit front glass. In one week it's gone. They have also cleaned the plant pots, and the stone and woodwork, my plants, the other walls ... remarkable little things! I'll be redistributing them into my other tanks as I complete them, and they should be a valuable addition to all of them.

Masterpiece Bonsai Driftwood - 30 x 40 cm | XL - 9
Aaron Doherty
Very nice

Very nice tree, fits well in my 560L.

Mine just sunk straight away, but a little light in the water. I'd soak it for a day or so just to be sure.

They are real hardy.

The little fellows are really hardy and a very quick. I’m going to get more in the New year.

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