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Thanks heaps!

Received some lovely blue dreams all alive and haven’t lost any yet. A little on the small side but very happy with them and will definitely purchase more in the future. Cheers!

sensitive to water, use just filtered water

beautiful fish, hiding down behind the stones, adjust oxygen for it reach to bottom of aquarium, where shark usually stay

Great quality

Beautiful little plant

As described. Was well packaged and delivered quickly. Is growing great in my tank

It was out of stock at the time.

Buying fish online - scary but satisfying

I am so glad that all my new little friends came home safe. I live in qld and even though they spent over 24hrs in transit they all arrived safe and the packaging was obviously well done. You also get plenty of tracking updates if you get a little stressy like me.
The quality of these little ones is amazing, such vibrant colours and all in great health!
I will likely order again as I continue expanding my collections.

Love these

Bought 2 lots which I think was so worth it. They're really beautiful and the combo of different root colours really makes a difference


Identical to photo and description. Beautiful and healthy little plant. The only disappointment is that I didn't order the lot of 3!

Pretty pop of colour

Happy with purchase. They're small but based on price and type of plant I feel it's a good deal and I am happy with the purchase. Arrived well packaged and adds a lovely change to the green

Limnophila hippuridoides - Limnophila Aromatica

Moss acrylic Ledge
philip price

Moss acrylic Ledge

Peppermint Pleco juvie

Bit small upon arrival but super healthy, has grown quickly.

All you see are it's bones!

They are friendly but very shy and likes hiding under heater or behind plants. They are beautiful looking fish with mesmerising see-through bodies. Their bones comes in hues of blue or black. They are not a demanding omnivore fish. They mix well with livebearers like guppies, swordtail, patty and shrimps. I've not witness yet, but I don't think they eat guppy frys. As suggested, they are best kept in groups - bought more the 2nd time to accommodate the solo fish one we initially had. Hard to locate if there's too many plants in the tank.

Taxiphyllum Barieri "Java Moss"

Great snails

Love my new snails!

I love all the fish I bought from this online aquarium shop. They are absolutely thriving and my turtle loves being around them. The glass shrimp however, not sure if some of them have died or if I just can’t find them. I spot some here and there but not much anymore. Other than that, super impressed with my beauties!

Great quality fish and super fast

Happy with the service

Great quality Bloody Mary shrimp

I cannot fault these shrimp at all! Great quality, quick shipping and I had zero DOA.

Allwood rewiew

I am very happy with the live fish I ordered they are all happy and healthy so that all went well, however I also ordered some glow in the dark pebbles and they still haven’t arrived as yet.


John Allwood

Great substrate

Perfect for aqua plant starters. Great quality without the high price tag, highly recommended!

Rotala sp 'Colorata'
Cassandra Hall

Great stem plant still growing strong!!

Red Cherry Shrimp
Candice Thomas
Red cherry Shrimp

My red cherry shrimp came perfectly wrapped and boxed carefully in express post. Postage was very quick and my cherry shrimp in very good condition. They look soo lovely in my tank! Thank you!

shipped me the wrong plant...

Driftwood tree on volcanic rock

I have 2, they look great with a few petite anubias glued on it or marimo moss, a highlight for any aquarium

Lost him for 2 full days!

I love my Tortie, but he's a master at hiding! I was so upset, thought he hated his new home! Nope, he just found a hideyhole that he could dig under the substrate, while he processed the move. Now he happily hangs out climbing the plants!

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