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Not happy 17 arrived , 20 ordered. Only 2 of which have a very light green the rest are mostly clear & yellow with brown markings very low grade culls at the most. Introduced to my newly cleaned tank with 20 existing nice jades I got 5 weeks ago which hoping it was just the shipping that made them dull but they have caused me a big problem now.
Very disappointed & frustrated with this situation.

Flash Sale 10x Red Phantom Tetra 3.5vm

Wrong item provided by seller


Got one, now I have 400. Very strong species, can't kill them....really

Amazing Experience

I ordered my shrimp on Tuesday night, expecting them to come the following week, and received an email the very next day saying they were in the post. They arrived on Friday; all alive and very active. It's awesome seeing them darting around the tank and foraging on the plants.
It was a quick and easy purchase and I couldn't be happier. I will most definitely be purchasing more shrimp from here in the future.

Long Armed Freshwater Shrimp (Macrobrachium Australiense)
Brendan McNamara
Freshwater Prawns

These guys grow huge and takeover the tanks we have several that are larger than my hand and show little interest in algae. They eat all of the mystery snails. Tank is littered with shells and they attack and kill whatever they can mollies, glassfish, plecos and each other. Very aggressive predator.

And finally they are hard to catch and remove.

The best!

Purchased a total of 5 murder beans.
3 instore and later 2 delivered (fast shipping!). They are tiny! Super tiny! LOL

They were pale (as expected) when I recieved them but quickly regained their colour after a couple of hours in their new home.
They are all doing very well, very active. They have been eating frozen bloodworms and live baby brine shrimp and getting fatter every day.

Excellent place to buy quality healthy fish.
Thank you! Will purchase from you again!

Dwarf Neon Gourami - Trichogaster Lalius
Deborah Crawley
Dwarf Neon Gourami

Beautiful healthy fish that arrived very quickly and have settled well in my tank. One happy customer


All 3 arrived happy and healthy.
Thinking about ordering another 3


Took only a day to arrive, fastest delivery yet!
And she's a huge girl also, almost adult! 10/10

Ghost Shrimp | Glass Shrimp
Shrimp and snail

Ordered around 15 ghost shrimp, it was really hard to count them but I think there was an extra one 😅 theyre all very lively and happy in my tank. I also ordered 2 purple mystery snails, unfortunately one didn't survive shipping but customer service was very good and communicative about finding a solution 😊 super happy with the whole experience!

Absolutely gorgeous. Arrived happy and healthy.

Java moss

Plentiful amount of moss provided and all healthy and green. Already spreading like wildfire in my nano tank.

Red Ramshorn Snails
Ivan Heylen

Arrived happy and healthy. Nothing like a pretty ramshorn.

Aquascape Smooth Lava Rock Large 7cm - Stone
Ivan Heylen

Good size rock. Looks good, smooth and is a perfect rock to glue some moss to.

Ludwigia Natans
Ivan Heylen

Arrived colourful and healthy. Very generous amount of stems as well.

Low Grade Red Rili Shrimp
Ivan Heylen
Rili Shrimp

Great shrimp, arrived healthy and happy. Good colour and overall very nice shrimp.

Aquarium Glue

Great stuff, does the job and is safe.

Pygmy Cory Catfish
Katherine Strohfeldt
Pygmy Cory Catfish

I ordered 3. Not sure why I only ordered 3 but I'm looking to order more. Initially I thought they were going to be a bit of a boring fish but brought them anyway for their clean up capabilities. Now they are one of my favourite fish! Always busy and great to watch! I have a natural creek looking set up with plants, grasses and various moss and they have adapted really well.

3 new friends

I was suprised how healthy my 3 were.. they are the cutest Lil things ..very happy with purchase

Black shrimp

1 was solid other was more like clear chocolate would get again


More like low grade cant even tell if has any orange in it lol high grade same as yellow shrimp very low grade

Flash Sale SL Bue Steel Shrimp
Beata Kazimierczak

I am very happy with my new residents😊 I did not expect the shipment to be so fast and efficient. In total, the Sydney Gold Coast road was delivered in one day. This is my second purchase and I recommend it 100%.Thank so much

Lilаeорsis brаsiliensis - Brazilian Micro Sword

The limbs were flimsy and some snaped afteri took off the broken pieces it looks great