• Peacocks of the sea!

    Peacocks of the sea!
    Guppies are basically the peacocks of the fish world, saying their tails are flashy is an understatement. There are dozens of different types to choose from, all with their own unique tails and colors that range through the whole spectrum of the rainbow, and by the way that is why guppies are also called rainbow fish. Another nickname guppies have is million fish, they...
  • How to take care of fancy guppies

    How to take care of fancy guppies
     Video courtesy of Fishing Fantasy One of the best ways to spend time while at home is to do pet caring. It is not that demanding and it takes a little bit of effort to deal with but the feat requires more love to ensure success. If the comparison is between gaming, reading books, or even watching movies, a lot of literature agrees that...
  • 6 Reasons Why Guppies Are The Perfect Pet - Guppy Facts

    6 Reasons Why Guppies Are The Perfect Pet - Guppy Facts
    Are you a pet lover? However, your lifestyle (your work especially), doesn’t allow you to have enough time to really care for one. Worry not, because we have the perfect pet just for you, the adorable guppies! According to the Center for Disease Control, owning a pet has a lot of health benefits. Studies prove that it can aid in managing loneliness and depression....
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