Pygmy Cory Catfish

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 Pygmy Cory (Pygmy corydoras) is a peaceful and miniature aquatic fish species commonly found in freshwater aquariums

✅ Pygmy Cories are adorable, peaceful, non-aggressive, and very shy fish, they are best kept in a community tank of non-aggressive and small fish species.

✅ Corys are facultative air breathers by nature, this means that they have the ability to breathe atmospheric air when necessary. They have a modified, highly vascularised intestine which aids the intake of oxygen from the air.

✅ Size: from 2 cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jessica Ennis
So cute

So little and so cute
Packed well and arrived Safe.
Have them in my shrimp tank

One of the more fun Cory's

Pygmy corys are very fun, they hang together and expore the tank.

Stephen Blevin
Tiny, gorgeous little things.

I purchased 6 of these online and they all arrived in perfect health. It's hard to describe how tiny they are. These are 12 to 15 mm long, so about half grown :) They are a complete joy to watch. I bought 6 so they could school together, and they love to. Sometimes they are like a team of six cleaners working their way along the same leaf, or individuals go off on an adventure alone or as a pair for a while, and then all swim up into a school again. They are in a standard 60 CM tank, and are often swimming around in the upper water column, and even playing in the filter outlet current. They are adorable, tiny, peaceful, and really love being in a small school. Beautiful, thank you.

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