Electric Yellow Cichlid

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Electric Yellow Cichlid

✅ The Electric Yellow Cichlid is one of the most popular African cichlids because of the beautiful yellow coloring. 

✅ They stand out with their brilliant coloration but also because they are one of the most peaceful of the Mbuna species. As an omnivore and being somewhat shy, they are very versatile and adaptable to all sorts of cichlid setups.

✅ They can live singly or in pairs. They are not territorial but they will be aggressive towards other fish that are similar in body shape or color. 

✅ These truly attractive fish are ideal for the beginning cichlid keeper. They can be maintained in an aquarium as small as 30 gallons, though 50 gallons or so is ideal, and they are generally easy to care for. They are most comfortable in an aquarium with lots of rocks and caves that provide hiding places for it to dart in and out of.


✅ Tank set up: 

  • Minimum Tank Size: 30 gal (114 L) — A minimum of 30 gallons is the suggested, with 50 gallons being ideal.
  • Suitable for Nano Tank: No
  • Substrate Type: Sand/Gravel Mix
  • Lighting Needs: Moderate — normal lighting
  • Temperature: 75.0 to 79.0° F (23.9 to 26.1° C)
  • Range ph: 7.2–8.8
  • Hardness Range: 10–20 dGH

 Size 3-5cm

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