Floating Fish Food Feeder (Square Type)

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14.99 AUD

Floating Fish Food Feeder (Square Type)

Floating Fish Food Feeder makes it simpler to feed your fish, it effectively restricts filter clogs; it helps in keeping the tank water clear and is highly useful when dealing with bullies or finicky fish. A bully fish can only be at one floating feeder at a time, so while he is occupied, the other fish is free to eat from their own feeding station. For picky eaters, add specialty food to a specific feeding ring; it won’t take long for him to figure out where to get his favourite treats. Old fish may have a hard time seeing their food or reaching the pellets before the water current takes them away or they settle to the bottom.

Simply place the feeding square above your pet’s head, sprinkle in some floating food and leave him to eat at his own pace. His food will not float astray and afterwards, you can easily remove the uneaten food. From guppy and goldfish to tetras, gouramis and mollies, freshwater and saltwater fish of all types benefit from the Floating Fish Food Feeder.

A single feed ring works for smaller aquariums while larger fish tanks with numerous community fish may need a couple of feeding stations. The black colour and sleek square design blends perfectly into the background and adds zero distraction to your unique underwater environment. Made with durable plastic material and a secure rubber suction cup, the Square Fish Feeder requires no maintenance. Not only that, but it actually minimizes the amount of time and energy you spend wiping your tank or replacing your filter.

Key Features:

  • Prevent the straying of floating fish food
  • Floating feeder is a unique floating fish feed confinement tool to keep the fish feeds confined to one spot in the tank. This will ensure the food would not be floating all over the tank surface and fishes can feed with better ease. Feeds not eaten can be netted easier without the need to find any trapped feedsin other parts of the tank.
  • Simple installation, easy to use and operate, fish food will not float randomly. 

Package Includes:

  • 1x Floating Fish Food Feeder (Square Type)
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Floating Fish Food Feeder (Square Type)
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