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All About Fancy Guppy

How to take care of fancy guppies

by Alexcel Lorin John Collaborator 02 Aug 2020 0 Comments

 Video courtesy of Fishing Fantasy

One of the best ways to spend time while at home is to do pet caring. It is not that demanding and it takes a little bit of effort to deal with but the feat requires more love to ensure success. If the comparison is between gaming, reading books, or even watching movies, a lot of literature agrees that spending time with loved ones or pets is the most relaxing to do at home. 

With that, in the list of pet hobbies, Caring guppy is the best option to go to when an owner wants to have the easiest option. In this option the owner is only required to spend time on the setup and on the latter part, just minimal time is needed for upkeep. 

Guppy is the most well-known option when selecting a fish type to start with and it can be raised easily by both beginner and experienced owners. 

This fish type is cheap to purchase and very much peaceful so it is relatively easy to keep. 



Since guppies are much smaller in size, it is ideal to add more in a fish tank according to how big the tank size is. The best would be 1 per 2 gallons of water and it is on a ratio of 2:1 if the owner intends to keep a male to a female guppy. 

Guppies are peaceful so any non-predatory mates can be an option like Mollies, Platies, Gouramis, Corydoras, and peaceful tetras. 

The same as other fishes, guppies are expected to be moveable and swim a lot as guppies are active swimmers. It is really easy to determine once guppies are sick because it is just at the bottom of the fish tank or just hiding behind the plants. 

6 Reasons Why Guppies Are The Perfect Pet

Water Condition 

Guppies are best added to water with a high level of pH and thick water composition with high mineral content such as magnesium and calcium. The ideal water pH level should be at 7.0 or higher and if the water thickness is not present from the water source, adding shells can do the trick. 

Water temperature on the other hand is also important as commercial guppies do not blend-in well with constant temperature changes. The temperature should at least be at 24C to 26C to achieve the maximum life expectancy which is 3.5 years or even longer. 

If the goal is to breed guppies, higher temperatures like 28C can be ideal because the guppies can easily mature and grow much bigger to bear offspring, however, on the other hand, it is going to reduce the life expectancy to 18 months. 



Photo courtesy of Aquarium Adviser

As a basic rule of thumb, too much feeding is not healthy for any animals, especially when in the fish tank setup. The food intake should be regulated and consumable to 1 or 2 minutes after adding so it does not add more nitrate to the fish tank water. When breeding, it is recommended to feed more than twice a day but still, food should be consumable no more than at the ideal time and not leaving much food residue to increase ammonia. 

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