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All About Fancy Guppy

Peacocks of the sea!

by Allyson Dillera Collaborator 26 Aug 2020 0 Comments
Guppies are basically the peacocks of the fish world, saying their tails are flashy is an understatement. There are dozens of different types to choose from, all with their own unique tails and colors that range through the whole spectrum of the rainbow, and by the way that is why guppies are also called rainbow fish. Another nickname guppies have is million fish, they are called that because of how fast they can breed and reproduce. If you buy a pair of them then you’ll have a whole guppy community in no time at all.
Credits to tankaddict.com

Guppy 1 (left): did you know that I used to be in the military?
Guppy 2: really? What did you do?
Guppy 1: I was a driver.
Guppy 2: so, what did you drive?
Guppy 1: fish tanks!

Guppies are really friendly fishes that love being in groups. They pretty much swim around the aquarium non stop.

Credits to ovas.ca

Guppy 1 (middle): hey since there’s a whole bunch of us in here and none of us knows how to clean, why is the tank so neat and tidy?
Guppy 2 (middle-left): well our owner just gets a mer-maid to clean for us.
The males have bigger and more colorful tails than the females, and you will frequently see the males chasing the females all around the tank.

Credits to smartaquariumguide.com

Guppy 1 (top): what do you call a fish than cant see?
Guppy 2: I don’t know, tell me.
Guppy 1: fishually impaired!

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Guppies are great for beginners because they’re astonishingly easy to keep alive. All you need to do is feed them and keep the tank clean, then boom! They’re happy!

Credits to smartaquariumguide.com

Group of guppies (left): hey, you wanna play soccer with us?
Guppy (right): no way man! I’m afraid of nets!
Sadly guppies don’t have a long lifespan, they typically live for around two years. But that doesn’t mean you’ll run out of them any time soon. Because female guppies can produce thirty to forty fry every month.

Credits to phys.com

Guppy 1 (left): Wow! You really dressed up today.
Guppy 2: thank you, I love looking sofishticated!
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Because of how diverse the guppy family is, you’ll never get bored with them! Countless possibilities of patterns, colors, and tail shapes. You just can’t get tired of looking at them! There’s even an International Fancy Guppy Association if you want to take the hobby seriously.

Credits to guppyexpert.com

Guppy: do you know why guppies are so smart?
Gold fish: I have no idea, tell me.
Guppy: because we swim in schools!
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