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Snowball Plecos in White and Black

by JennyAquarium 26 Jun 2023 0 Comments

Snowball Plecos in White and Black

Snowball Plecos is one of the glass cleaner fish with the beauty of white and black neutral colors. A Snowball at the bottom of the Aquarium likes to live peacefully and is relatively easy to care for. They are native to the black-water rivers of Venezuela and have become a very popular choice for aquarists.
 With a fairly stable appearance in the main colors of black and white, Snowballs are relatively small spheres, only about 6 inches long. They have a torpedo-shaped body with a flattened belly and a downturned mouth. Their color is what makes them stand out, with their black bodies covered in small white spots. They also have a bright yellow stripe running along the sides.
Angel Pleco in Here:
You also know that the human body is 70% water, which is why looking at an aquarium with a lot of water will make you feel quite relaxed.
Catherine Hartley, assistant professor of psychology and neuroscience at New York University, and her colleague Aaron Heller, clinical psychologist and emotional neuroscience at the University of Miami, conducted a study to answer the question: How does diversity in people's daily experiences affect positive emotional states? That is, you go for a walk and visit natural areas. If time is limited, the forest - aquarium fish - water... model will thoroughly calm your brain….

You "release your whole brain" when looking at the Aquarium, which will release some negative energy during a long working day.

And the hue of Snowball Pleco is a neutral color for individuals who enjoy aquarium fish but prefer color minimalism.
When it comes to aesthetics, you may be confident because if you truly own this line of glass cleaning fish, you can still buy additional "residents" without worrying about mixing the colors of Snowball Pleco in your aquarium.

We now have a 3cm Snowball Pleco available for you to keep with a medium-sized Aquarium and the same "residents" as seen above.
This is the combo we wish to provide you with in order to provide you with a nice experience - a very good price and calm for your aquarium space.
Snowball plecos are nocturnal fish, so they are most active at night. They are relatively shy fish and will spend most of their time hiding in plants or caves. However, they will be more active at night, when they swim out to feed.


Snowballs eat algae, debris, and small invertebrates near the bottom of the ocean. Also, the kind of fish that clean your aquarium quietly and return the green area to it.
It is critical to provide a green environment for Snowball Pleco in order for them to have their own space and avoid conflicts with other ecosystems.
Here are some aquatic plants that are great for Snowball Pleco:


Programs with super preferential prices, and always dedicated to bringing you healthy Snowball Pleco Fish, along with Combo of other ecosystems extremely preferential.

We will always help answer your questions via:

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