• Guide: How to Breed Freshwater Shrimp

    Guide: How to Breed Freshwater Shrimp
    Shrimps are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Keeping and breeding them has never been more appealing, which makes it vital to learn how to breed these freshwater crustaceans properly if you wish for success in your endeavors. This guide will give step-by-step instructions with everything that one needs, including lights, water parameters/chemistry needed (depending on species), filters or media used as well as...
  • Fish tank cleaning FYI

    Fish tank cleaning FYI
      It is a breath of fresh air when the fish tank is all set up and ready to go as the owner can see the beauty of the hard work done prior to the completion of the fish tank. Once the fish tank is established, the work does not literally end there. The first tank like any other needs to be maintained and...
  • 10 Unique Freshwater Tank Ideas

    10 Unique Freshwater Tank Ideas
    Aquascaping is no longer a new idea and there are a lot of options for a new fish tank owner how to set up the fish tank according to the available resources. Not all the time that the fish tank is in the living room, there are other places in the house where it can be at and the setup could still end up stunning. Here...
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