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Freshwater snails in Australia possess the ability to shine

by JennyAquarium 09 Sep 2023 0 Comments

Freshwater snails in Australia possess the ability to shine

Did you know that Australia has over 400 species of freshwater snails? They account for almost 99% of the freshwater mollusks in this kangaroo country. 

Freshwater snails provide two benefits to Australia in general and to Australian citizens in particular.
 Snails, which operate as water filters, will always keep Australia's aquatic system clean.

Can freshwater snails in Australia glow? Can you believe it?

Yes, the capacity of Australian freshwater snails to glow is known as bioluminescene. Bioluminescene is the phenomenon in which some organisms spontaneously generate light due to chemical reactions occurring within the organism's body.

Obviously, this glowing ability is created by a type of bacteria living in their bodies. These bacteria can emit blue or green light. This light is often used to attract mates or defend against predators.

For your convenience, we've named some freshwater snails in Australia that can glow:

Clusterwink snail: This snail is yellow green in hue and can emit green light when threatened.

The Glowworm Snail is a white snail that can emit green light at night.

The Glowing Tree Snail is a green snail with the capacity to emit green light when agitated.

The capacity of Australian freshwater snails to glow is simply a natural phenomenon that develops as a "strength" to protect themselves from harsh nature and other "predators." Scientists are still baffled by this event. However, this intriguing phenomenon has contributed to the diversification and enrichment of Australia's freshwater ecosystem.

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