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Dumbo Ear Red...

65.00 AUD 50.00 AUD

High Dorsal Albıno...

85.00 AUD 60.00 AUD

Red High Dorsal...
55.00 AUD - 105.00 AUD
Platinum Dumbo Red...

80.00 AUD 65.00 AUD

HB White German...

50.00 AUD 35.00 AUD

Unique German White...

90.00 AUD 65.00 AUD

Platinum Indo Dragon...

80.00 AUD 65.00 AUD

HB( Half Black...

55.00 AUD 45.00 AUD

HB Red Koi...

50.00 AUD 40.00 AUD

Speckled Goby
24.95 AUD - 119.95 AUD
Dwarf / Mini...

250.00 AUD 185.00 AUD

HB Violet Blue...

80.00 AUD 65.00 AUD

Rare High Dorsal...

90.00 AUD 80.00 AUD

Let’s face it, not all of us have the time or money to invest in a large fish tank. They require some constant care special types of equipment to maintain, which is a pleasure for some and a bit too much for others. For these others, we want to recommend our rare and unique Guppy collection.

They are beautiful small little fish that come in a variety of colors and strains. These fish need very little care and support and adds a very beautiful attraction to the fish tank. They come in blue, red, orange, and yellow colors with glowing patterns and outstanding brightness. A perfect pet to keep in bowls, they are also great acquisitions for larger tanks as well. They blend well with the plants and living conditions in the tank and you will never get bored watching these vibrant little fish dash from end to the other in your tank. 

Fascinating Guppies which you can get for your aquarium

Somewhere in our heart, we are fascinated with aquariums because it changes the whole aura and ambiance of any house. But let's accept the fact that not everybody has got the time and patience to get an aquarium although having money. Since all the aquariums and fishes in that need a constant amount of care and feeding because they are very fragile and living in an artificial environment is no doubt a bit tough for sure. For those who have always loved taking care of such fishes, it would be the best thing for those kinds of people. But among all the aquariums guppy aquarium are the most preferable and famous aquarium which has guppy fishes in it. 

Let’s talk about guppies a bit

Guppies are well known as a rainbow or million fish which is one of the best and widely distributed fish which is a freshwater aquarium fish. This is being used as aquarium fishes because of its beauty and colors it has. You can easily get guppies online in many online aquarium sites all over the world. The male guppies are generally smaller than that of females and this is the way by which they can be distinguished by the outer features only. 

The behavior of guppies which you should definitely know:

As we have already discussed and you must know this that guppies are the most popular aquarium fishes and there is a reason behind it. guppies are known to be one of the most peaceful and silent fish and thus they are preferred very much over any other small fishes. There are many guppies online stores from where you can get guppies for sale. Secondly, the feature of guppies can be they add colors a lot to the aquarium. Not only attractive, but the aquarium will also look soothing at the same time.

The appearance of guppies:

Some of the appearance and features we have talked about guppies earlier only, if we talk about external appearance then there are much more to discuss. No doubt it is present in various colors and they are found in numerous amounts also. if we talk about the external feature then male guppies are smaller in size ranges from 1.5cm to 3.5cm while females are longer them male ranging from 3cm to 6 cm. there are many fancy guppies for sale in many online and offline stores also from where you can easily get them. 

Color and fishtail types of guppies:

As we have mentioned earlier there are numerous color and patterns of guppies which you can easily buy from online stores. So if we talk about the pattern of guppies then there is a common pattern that can be found in maximum types of guppies which is a snakeskin pattern which starts from the tails and it extends to the entire body. And if we go for the tails, then the majority of them has fan-shaped kind of tails which looks very wavy and beautiful while they swim. And talking about their color, it may vary from blue hues to many patterns of reddish and golden colors. 

Some guppy online stores in Australia:

There are many beautiful online stores in Australia and in other nations of the world as well where you can buy guppies for sale as well. Like there is an online company named Microaquatics which specializes in guppies so you can buy guppies online Australia from here. In Microaquaticshops, the aquarium is well combined with aquatic plants and scenery as well which ensures the guppies get an appropriate environment so that they can live longer.

Guppies are good pets that require very little love from our side but gives love in bountiful. Have a great day and happy Guppy shopping ❤️! 

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