Micro Aquatic Shop Mystery Box
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Micro Aquatic Shop Mystery Box

We are happy to inform you that we will be selling our very own MYSTERY BOX. Everyone knows that we are striving to create rare, ultra-rare, and collectible products. We listed some of our products for sale however, Hoang decided not to list all of them due to lack of quantities that are not worth to list on our website.  Hoang has a sickness called " NOT SELLING " that made him hold into some of the ultra-rare products that we currently have and if sell them we'll get fired lol hahah but as long as our customer will be happy and satisfied from it we won't get fired ☺.

We hope that you will enjoy opening this Mystery Box from us. We are always here to serve you.

So OUR IDEA of these Mystery boxes from MICRO AQUATIC SHOP is to unleash our creativity and unleash our rare inventory or items that have never been created or listed before on top of our uncommon and rare products in these Mystery Boxes!

This also to measure our creativity so that we can strive to raise the creativity of our products and services to everyone. We will continuously raise our service bar to you our beloved clients!

We will always do our best to make every box 1000% worth it!!

P.S You can leave a note on your aquarium size if you purchase a bonsai box or anything that you do not want so we can tailor the box better for you 

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