Corydoras Panda

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✅ Generally peaceful and social, panda corys can be a good addition to a smaller freshwater aquarium.

✅ Panda corys are extremely peaceful fish that enjoy the company of their own kind. They should always be kept in groups, preferably of a half-dozen or more, but keep at least four if space is limited.

✅  Like other corys, the panda cory needs good water quality. The substrate should be soft and fine; use either fine gravel or sand.

✅ Selling size: from 2.5 cm

More information

- Social: Peaceful, schooling fish
- Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallon
- Diet: Omnivore
- Breeding: Egglayer
- Care: Intermediate
- pH 6 to 7
- Hardness: 2 to 12 dGH
- Temperature: 68 to 77 F (20 to 25 C)

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