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Beginners Guide

The Benefit Of Seachem Stability For New Aquarists.

by Catherine Tran 27 Aug 2023 0 Comments

If you're a new aquarist, you've probably heard of what's called "good bacteria" and how important it is to your aquarium. Don't worry if that sounds a bit confusing – I'm here to break it all down in easy-to-understand terms.

In this article, I will focus on a wonderful product called Seachem Stability and this product can help create a great living environment for your aquarium fish tank.

Follow in my lead!

Importance of beneficial bacteria in Seachem Stability.


Imagine your aquarium as a bustling city with its own ecosystem. Like any city, there is always a hidden force of defence that helps keep things in balance. These supporters are beneficial bacteria.

They play an important role in breaking down harmful substances like ammonia and nitrite that can build up and harm your fish. Without these bacteria, your fish could get sick or worse, die off without knowing why.

So I'm going to share with you when and how to use Seachem Stability to power up your bacterial friends.

Four situations where you need to use Seachem Stability.

1️⃣During tank cycling:

When you set up a new aquarium, it takes time to establish a healthy environment. This is called "cycling." Seachem Stability can speed up this process by providing a boost of beneficial bacteria, making your tank ready for fish faster.

2️⃣Add new fish:

Introducing new fish means more waste and that can overwhelm existing bacteria. Seachem's stability helps your tank adjust to increased waste and keeps your fish safe.

3️⃣Handling Ammonia spikes:

Sometimes, things don't go as planned and your tank experiences an Ammonia spike. This can happen due to overfeeding or other factors. Seachem Stability helps stabilize the situation by providing additional beneficial bacteria.

4️⃣After cleaning or replacing the filter:

The filter is like a hotel for bacteria. When you clean or change the filter, some bacteria may be lost. Seachem Stability adds these bacteria, ensuring your tank stays balanced.

How to choose the right bacteria for your aquarium?


You may have heard about the importance of beneficial bacteria in the filter media in your aquarium. These little heroes work hard to keep your tank healthy by breaking down harmful substances.

We'll take a closer look at three popular brands of probiotics: Tetra SafeStart Plus, API Quick Start and Seachem Stability to find out their unique features and benefits.

  • Tetra SafeStart Plus:
  • This product is recommended by many aquarists for its ability to kick-start the cycling process. They are known to grow quickly, helping to establish a stable environment for your fish.

    However, there is one caveat you need to heed. While effective, Tetra SafeStart Plus and similar brands like API Quick Start may not be as resilient in situations where your tank is in critical condition. They may have trouble recovering from spikes in ammonia or nitrates.

  • QuickStart API:
  • API Quick Start is another fast-growing bacteria option that gets your tank up and running faster. Similar to Tetra SafeStart Plus, it can struggle in situations where there is a sudden change in water conditions. It's a good choice for beginners, and there's much more to consider.

    Why does Seachem Stability stand out so much?


    Seachem Stability's bacterial hardness makes the product more reliable, especially in situations where other brands may struggle.


    It can adapt to a variety of tank parameters and water types, making it suitable for a variety of tanks.

    👉Survive in transit:

    Due to the resilience of the beneficial bacteria in the solution, there is a higher chance of survival under shipping conditions, ensuring you receive a viable product.

    👉Long-term benefits:

    Although it grows more slowly, Seachem Stability's bacteria will establish a strong foundation for your tank, reducing the likelihood of minor disease cycles for your fish in the future.

    A step-by-step guide to using Seachem Stability in your aquarium:

    1️⃣Shake the bottle:

    Shake the bottle of Seachem Stability well. This ensures the bacteria are well mixed and ready to work their magic when in contact with the water in your tank.

    2️⃣Dosage for new tank:

    If you are starting a new aquarium, add one Seachem Stability cap for every 10 gallons of water on day one. This helps kickstart bacterial growth.

    3️⃣Dosage for the following days:

    For the next seven days, add one cap for every 20 gallons of water per day. This keeps bacteria from growing strong and your tank healthy.

    Expert note:

    Use one bottle cap (5ml) for every 10 gallons (40l) of water on the first day.

    Then use 1 cap (5ml) for 20 gallons (80l) of water for the next 7 days.

    To ensure stable microflora, Use 1 cap (5ml) for 10 gallons (40l) of water once a week or for each water change (corresponding to the new water being changed).

    4️⃣Source of Ammonia:

    Beneficial bacteria need a little ammonia to survive. If you are not using fish waste, you can add a pinch of fish food that can provide the necessary source of ammonia.

    5️⃣Nitrate test:

    After about a week of operation, it's time to check your tank's performance. Test the nitrate content of the water with a test strip or liquid test kit. If you find nitrates, your tank is ready!

    How is my experience with Seachem stability?


    As someone who has been through the aquarium journey, I can vouch for the effectiveness of Seachem Stability. It's like a shortcut to a healthy tank cycle without stressing your fish.

    Just remember, each tank is a unique environment, so you can experiment and find what works best for you for your underwater friends.

    Seachem Stability is like a little boost to your aquarium ecosystem, helping those beneficial bacteria thrive and keeping your fish healthy.

    Besides Seachem Stability, there is a product very familiar to aquarium hobbyists- Seachem Prime. I've written a detailed article on this solution and this will also give you a lot of useful information for your aquarium.

    Seachem Stability and Seachem Prime are an indispensable duo in the journey of aquarium farming especially for beginners. Don't worry, Micro Aquatic is always by your side to support your first-time fish-keeping experience perfectly.

    “How did you use Seachem Prime for your tank?” - Finally I Figured Out How To Use Seachem Prime In The Most Effective Way!

    And that's my sharing for those who are new aquarists, hope this article will help you. The product is currently on sale at Micro Aquatic Shop with 2 capacities of 250ml and 325ml, click the shopping link below to grab Seachem Stability for your tank today:

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    Customer support: (02) 8320 3037


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