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Are you looking for shrimp-compatible fish for your aquarium tank?

by Catherine Tran 27 Aug 2023 0 Comments

This article is for aquarists who like to create tanks and combine different aquarium fish species in their tank. If you are that person and came across this article, allow me to cut off your surfing because there is something very cool that you can discover and apply to your aquarium.

Welcome back to the Micro Aquatic Blog post.

As I mentioned above, you are on a journey to find out which red cherry shrimp and fish are suitable to be best friends. I will tell you everything so that you have enough information, knowledge and freedom to create your own aquarium.

Okay, let's go.

The first combines between The Bristlenose Pleco and Red cherry shrimp.

The Bristlenose Pleco is a South American catfish that, despite coming from a less common family, is still a popular choice among aquarium enthusiasts due to its unique appearance and ease of care.

Bristlenose pleco has a prominent lemon-yellow to brown marble pattern, with males having bushy appendages on the face. They are mostly nocturnal but they can be active during the day if your tank provides proper shelter.

They are omnivores and thrive on high-quality flakes, algae and pellets. Occasionally eating foods like fresh vegetables and eating less meat will benefit them.

Tank require:

Tank at least 113 liters.

Temperature: 22.0-26.0°C or 71.6-78.8°F

pH: 6.5 - 7.5

dKH: 6 - 10 dKH

Species of pleco include:

👍L144 Blue Eye Lemon Bristlenose Pleco - Rate.

👍Common Bristlenose Pleco Shortfin.

👍Peppermint Pleco - Juvie.


They are similar to cherry shrimp because of the Bristlenose Plecos range of activity in the bottom layer, they work hard at picking up algae to limit algae growth, and they are friendly. The cherry shrimp also pick up algae but like to swim and climb on moss balls to explore.

You won't have to worry about algae growing fast in your tank or either of these two species disturbing or conflicting with each other. On the other hand, the water parameters of the cherry shrimp are similar to the pleco. Now you can rest assured that they make good friends in the tank and I think this is the right choice for your red cherry shrimp friend.

Decorating the tank for the Cherry shrimp and Bristlenose pleco, you should provide shelters with driftwood and plants, but avoid sharp gravel that could injure the pleco's mouth. A white sand substrate is an option you can consider.


When it comes to new tanks, people often think that the aquarium should be creative and lively in their eyes. Now you can unleash your own aquarium creation in a combination of red shrimp cherry and Bristlenose pleco. Surely you will be very satisfied with owning the aquarium at your disposal.

Let me tell you about an "aquatic store near me" to buy fish that are compatible with shrimp at surprisingly cheap prices, but livestock are very healthy, quickly adapting to new tanks. You can visit the website now (click the image below), or if you are free tomorrow, visit the shop!


Breeding Neon Tetra, Ember Tetra and Red Cherry Shrimp in the same aquarium… What will happen?

Is this a creative and appropriate idea?

The combination of fish species and creating a diverse ecosystem in the aquarium to decorate the house is very interesting and there is a diverse interaction between livestock in the aquarium.

Next is a similar combination of an aquarium with Neon Tetra, Ember Tetra and Red Cherry Shrimp.



Neon Tetra is a sociable and group fish, they are peaceful and attract all eyes with their striking red and blue bodies. They don't usually come into conflict with other fish and feel safe around them.

While the Ember Tetra is also a small and friendly fish, it adapts well to tanks with shrimp and other tetra species.


The Red Cherry Shrimp is a bottom-walker, sometimes climbing onto moss balls. But they do not intrude or disturb the fish. Red cherry shrimp are hard-working in their business of eating algae and their leftovers.

Tank require:

✅Temperature: 22-27°C is suitable for all species. Neon Tetra and Ember Tetra both come from warm water environments.

✅ pH: 6.0-7.5, a pleasing environment for both fish and shrimp.

✅Hardness (dKH): 2-10 dKH, suitable for shrimp and fish.


Neon Tetra and Ember Tetra: Provides granules, pellets and bloodworms, ensuring a balance between granules and protein.

Red Cherry Shrimp: Provides algae feed, fiber feed and fish leftovers.


The advantage of feeding these 3 species is the party so they can meet and talk together. You will see tetras snapping food near the surface of the water, when the food falls to the bottom, the large family of red cherry shrimp will happily enjoy it without complaining.

Tank Cleaning:

- Weekly water change by about 20-30%, ensuring freshwater condition for livestock.

- Use the Seachem liquid to provide beneficial microorganisms for fish and shrimp.

(You can read more about The Benefit Of Seachem Stability For New Aquarists.)

- Clean the tank and remove uneaten food to avoid water pollution that can cause disease in the fish and shrimp community.

Common signs of illness.

- Swollen belly in fish: This is a symptom of digestive problems, often related to an unbalanced diet or bacterial infection.

- Cashew Cracks: Aquarium fish can suffer from scaling or skin problems, often related to unstable water conditions.

Just like creating a tank between two species of Pleco and Red cherry shrimp, now you can combine 3 species of Neon Tetra, Ember Tetra and Red Cherry Shrimp will make your living space more unique, and you will have a relaxing time looking at the aquarium creatively designed by yourself.

As usual the “fish shop near me” is familiar to many customers when they choose to buy compatible fish and shrimp for their community tank:

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Keeping fish that are compatible with shrimp is not only creative, but it also enhances the aesthetics of your tank. Paying attention to maintaining a stable water parameter, providing a balanced diet and performing periodic cleaning will help the species grow healthy and create a wonderful natural landscape in the water. Aquarium day at your home.

Contact us if you have any questions and Good luck!

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