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Where To Buy Red Ramshorn Snails For Sale At The Aquarium Pet Store Near Me?

by Catherine Tran 05 Sep 2023 0 Comments

You'll be surprised how much time you spend watching red ramshorn snails move around in your tank. They are always on a quest to find and chew on algae.

In this article, I'll show you everything you need to know about caring for a red ramshorn snail and where to buy it. I'll show you the top reason so many customers love them and always have 1-2 red ramshorn snails in their tanks.

You will not easily find red ramshorn snails in the wild. Some can be found living in streams and small ponds. However, most are seen in the aquarium trade.

Whether you've purchased a red ramshorn snail as a pet or you have an unexpected new addition to your tank, keeping these snails healthy is simple. They are tough creatures that will serve the purpose of cleaning up the algae in your tank for you.



In general, the average lifespan of a red ramshorn snail is only about one year. Many seasoned aquarists have seen these snails live to be around 3 years old with optimal water conditions.

Although they can be healthy, these snails need stable living conditions and plenty of access to high-quality food.


There are many variations in the appearance of the Ramshorn Snail. Both the snail's shell and skin can be different, opening up a wide range of colour combinations.

Normally, a snail's skin can be black or red. Black snails have melanin pigment while red snails do not. The reason snails have bright colors is because of their blood. Red ramshorn snail has blood containing red hemoglobin.

The interesting thing about Ramshorn Snails is that their shells grow as they get older. When young, the skin is thin and slightly transparent. With a good diet, the snail's shell will harden and become more opaque as the snail grows.

The spiral also gets larger over time. Shell spirals to one side. In the middle of the spiral, there is a hole. Occasionally you may even see some skin sticking out of the hole.

While most aquatic snails have an operculum, the red ramshorn snail does not.

The reason ramshorn snails are absent is because they actually breathe air. They rely on oxygen to survive.

Take care of the red ramshorn snail.


As we mentioned earlier, taking care of red ramshorn snails will not cause you any problems. They are highly adaptable organisms and can thrive in most environments.

If you want these snails to grow big and healthy, you should make sure to maintain their habitat.

Tank size for red ramshorn snail.

They only require a minimum tank size of about 20L. However, we recommend starting with a 40L tank if you plan to keep a lot of snails.

Despite their slow and steady nature, these snails love to roam around in the water. Having more space also facilitates natural feeding, which is a big plus.

Water parameters.

Excellent water conditions are important to these freshwater snails in two different ways. First, it will directly affect the snail's health. Second, it helps their shells grow big and strong (this is very important).

The good news is that snails can adapt to many different conditions. They do well in clear waters as well as murky habitats.

Water parameters:

Water temperature: 21℃ - 25℃

pH: 7.0 to 7.5

Water hardness: 5 to 15 dKH

To maintain water consistency in the tank, schedule water tests and water changes.

What to add to a red ramshorn snail's tank.

You don't need to do much to keep the red ramshorn snail happy when decorating. Unlike many fish species, you don't need to worry about creating hiding places or breeding grounds.

However, you can add aquatic plants to the tank. Ramshorn snails like to cling to leaves.

Red ramshorn snail is fully capable of eating live plants. However, they will only do so if there is not enough food that you provide. If you provide snails with a proper diet, they will leave your aquatic plants in peace.

For the device, standard filtration is suitable. Like most snails, Ramshorns are susceptible to high levels of nitrate and ammonia, so your filter must circulate the water efficiently.

How much is a red ramshorn snail for sale and where can I buy them?


Common diseases in red ramshorn snails.

With red ramshorn snails, the problem is not what diseases they will get, but what diseases they will bring into your tank.

These snails are quite resilient. Major diseases are not a big problem. However, they are notorious for introducing disease into community tanks.

If you receive a new red ramshorn snail, we recommend that you put it in quarantine for about a month to ensure that you are not endangering your large community tank.

Expert Note: It's important to point out that if you add potions to your tank, the potion will be copper-free. Copper will kill your snail.

Aquarium fish keepers really love them or red ramshorn snails as rumored?



Food red ramshorn snail.

Ramshorn snails will spend most of their time looking for algae in the aquarium to eat. It's fun to watch them scour your tank for something to chew on!

Usually, they will find algae on the walls of your tank. So they will climb on the glass to feed and keep your aquarium clean.

In addition to algae, the red ramshorn snail likes to eat decomposing plants. They will eat fallen leaves from your aquatic plants.

The red ramshorn snail will even eat dead fish and shrimp if given the chance. However, we do not recommend leaving dead organisms in the tank as it can cause serious water problems.

They will eat leftover fish pieces and pellets that fall to the bottom of the tank. You can also provide algae sheets and calcium supplements that will strengthen their shells.

Some basic vegetables are also a good choice. They will eat things like lettuce and cucumbers.

When feeding snails, only provide enough food for them to eat within 5 minutes.

The personality of a red ramshorn snail.

They are gentle and do not cause trouble for other fish.

Sometimes you will find them actually quite active and will roam the tank day and night looking for food and you may spot your snails climbing up glass walls or hanging on delicate walls from a leaf.

Before talking about snail tank mates, what do customers who have purchased red ramshorn snails say about the snails they received from our store.



Cory catfish


Rasbora peppers (and other rasbora varieties)

Gourd honey

Ghost shrimp

Cherry shrimp


When you plan to keep red ramshorn snails in a tank, it is important to realize that these snails can quickly overrun the tank if you are not careful. Because they breed frequently, controlling the population can be a challenge.

Final Thoughts.

Even though they are “just a snail,” Ramshorns are a species that we have grown attached to over many years of aquaculture.

Now that you know the essentials of red ramshorn snail care, it's time to buy some for yourself. This breed has the lowest possible maintenance and you will not regret your purchase.

You can view them for free here, or if you're free tomorrow, visit our store at:

Micro Aquatic Shop - The Fish Store Near Me.

Unit 15, 2-8 Daniel Street, Wetherill Park, NSW 2164

Customer support: (02) 8320 3037

Email: support@microaquaticshop.com.au

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