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Why you should buy natural driftwood for your aquarium

by Allyson Dillera 10 Oct 2016 0 Comments

Natural Driftwood For Your Aquarium- Why Should You Buy?

If you own a fish tank, you might want to consider spicing up the tank so that your fish will not be lonely inside. Aquascaping is a learned art that allows you to create an underwater landscape and arranging aquatic plants, as well as rocks or stones in a pleasing manner within the aquarium. Having natural driftwood is one way with which you can bring nature into your aquarium.

Natural Driftwood

Buying natural driftwood is expensive, but it’s worth a shot. This kind of decoration will help your tank not to look empty.

Many people would love to gaze a tank that has rocks or woods inside. It would also help to give a similar look to the natural environment for the fish.

Using Natural Driftwood for Aquarium

natural driftwoods aquarium

It is important to think about what type of decorations you use in your freshwater aquarium, particularly if they have the potential to impact the health of your fish. Beyond what you use in your tank, however, you should also think about how you use them. Cultivating a freshwater tank is more than just raising a few fish – it is about creating a wonderful aquatic environment right in your home.

If you are planning to buy driftwoods, It’s best to buy in aquatic shops, although it’s possible to make your own too.

When purchasing driftwood, make sure it is safe for aquarium use. Driftwood sold for reptiles may look ideal for aquariums, but it may contain chemicals harmful to fish. Though tempting, avoid using woods or roots found outdoors, unless if your aquarium is brackish. Woods found outdoors, especially in beaches usually contain salt and depending on how long it has been absorbing the salt, such driftwood may significantly affect the chemistry.

Setting and Placing the Natural Driftwood in Aquarium

natural driftwood for aquarium

Boil the driftwood first for a few hours in saltwater before putting it into your aquarium. Salt and heat help to remove the potential disease. This initial process helps driftwood to get some weight, so it won’t float in the tank later, plus this process helps to remove small parts that fall out from the driftwood. And lastly, the water in your aquarium will be much less coloured this way.

It is also important to know if there is enough space in your aquarium for driftwood. This could sound crazy, but in fact, many aquarists buy too big driftwoods. No matter if the aquarium is small or large, always measure the dimensions.

It is best placed the driftwood in the corner of the tank or somewhere in the background. One can easily maintain the aquarium without having problems with driftwood. Bear in mind that it is not recommended to move the driftwood because if the fish are accustomed to its position, then changing the environment means new fights for the territories.

Why Should We Use It

natural driftwood for fish  tank

Not only is natural aquarium driftwood a stylish décor to be displayed in your aquarium, but it is also used as a hideaway for fish or other aquatic creatures. There are endless possibilities when it comes to attaching aquarium plantation to driftwood. It can also be a base for underwater sand or gravel dune.

These objects also provide a great area for certain bacteria to nitrify and build a colony. These are good bacteria that help get rid of harmful substances such as ammonia and nitrites from your fish tank.

Almost all aquarium hobbyists opt to keep fish in an environment which is nearly similar to their natural habitat. This isn’t as vital as before since many fishes today are bred in captivity, however, it’s still nice to see fishes in a tank which is a replica of their natural environment.

Aquarium decorations enhance the beauty of your tank, but be cautious of the things that might happen inside if you have these decorations!

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