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Albino Rainbow Shark

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Video Source: Myaquariuminfo


  • The Albino Rainbow Shark is a freshwater fish of the Cyprinidae family. Despite its name, the rainbow shark isn’t a true shark — the fish is so-called because of its shark-like appearance.

  • They are native to several major rivers in Southeast Asia, including the Mekong, the Xe Bangfai, and the Chao Phraya. The fish live near sandy river bottoms where plankton and algae are plentiful.

Size & Lifespan

  • 5cm

  • Female Albino Rainbow Shark are wider in the mid-section than males. The two sexes are not distinguishable by length.
    In the wild, they live up to eight years. In captivity, with excellent care, rainbow sharks can live up to six years.

Typical Behavior

  • In the wild, Albino Rainbow Shark are passive and don’t bully or bother other fish. However, in captivity, rainbow sharks have aggressive and territorial tendencies, especially if there isn’t enough room in the tank.

  • They swim quickly around the bottom of the tank and are most active at night.

  • They are timid and spend a lot of time hiding. Mature rainbow sharks assert their dominance by biting, chasing, and head- and tail-butting other bottom-dwelling fish.

Tank Condition

Source: Fishkeepingworld
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