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Nerite Snail | Best Algae Eating Snail for Aquarium

Nerite snails are one of the most popular choices for algae eaters in planted tanks. They effectively control algae growth, and they are relatively easy to care for. Nerite snails are a good choice for both beginner and experienced aquarium keepers.

Nerite snails are tiny, typically only growing to be about an inch in length. They are available in various colours, including brown, black, and striped varieties. Nerite snails are relatively easy to care for, and they do not require special attention or care.

The Benefit of Nerite Snails 

Nerite snails are a popular choice for aquariums and fish tanks because they help clean the tank. These tiny creatures are known for eating algae, which can quickly build up and make your tank look dirty. Nerite snails are also relatively easy to care for, and they don't require much maintenance.
✔️ They form your aquarium cleaning crew
✔️ Keeps the glass and substrate crystal clear
✔️ Consumes all types of algae and waste matter in its path
✔️ Does not overpopulate the tank when placed in freshwater
✔️ Adds attractive colour to the tank, interesting to watch them feed
✔️ Grows in normal to low temperatures with very little extra care
✔️ Very peaceful and do extremely well in community tanks!
✔️ Does not eat plants


Nerite Snails For Sale In Australia

Micro Aquatic Shop is your one-stop for nerite snails in Australia. We have a wide variety of nerite snails for sale, and we're sure you'll find the perfect one for your aquarium!

Nerite snails are favoured for aquariums because they help keep the tank clean and algae-free. They're also effortless to care for, and they make a great addition to any aquarium!

Does Nerite Snail eat plants? What is their diet?

Nerite snails are a type of freshwater snail that is popular in aquariums. They are known for their beautiful shells and their ability to eat algae. While nerite snails do eat algae, they are not strictly herbivores.

In the wild, nerite snails will eat just about anything they can find, including other snails, fish, and dead animals. Nerite snails should be given a varied diet in an aquarium that includes both plant and animal matter. This can be accomplished by feeding them algae wafers, blanched vegetables, and frozen or live foods.

Breeding of Nerite Snail

Nerite snails can be bred in captivity, but it is not an easy task. The first step is to find a male and female nerite snail. The next step is to provide the nerite snails with a suitable breeding environment. The nerite snails will need an aquarium with plenty of hiding places and a good supply of food.

The nerite snails will also need to be near each other to breed. Once the nerite snails have been placed in the same aquarium, they will eventually mate. The female nerite snail will then lay her eggs on a hard surface, such as a rock or piece of driftwood. The nerite snail eggs will hatch in about two weeks, and the baby nerite snails will be able to fend for themselves.

Product information - Nerite Snails:
Nerite snails are a type of freshwater snail that is popular in aquariums. They are known for their striking black and white shell patterns, and they are relatively easy to care for. Nerite snails are primarily peaceful creatures that will not bother other fish or invertebrates in the tank. However, they can sometimes become aggressive towards each other, so it is important to watch them if you have more than one nerite snail in your aquarium.
Size of the snail: ~ 0.5 - 1 cm 
Young snails so they can have a full life to destroy nasty algae for you


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Nerite Snail eat plants? What is their diet?

They feed on algae fouling on tank walls, snags, and stones (soft film algae, soft green algae, soft brown algae, and brown diatoms ). However, they don’t feed on tank plants. They also feed on leftover foods and waste matter in the aquarium.
Nerite snails' famous feature is their appetite for algae. They really clean tanks.


2. Breeding of Nerite Snail

Nerite snails will not breed in pure freshwater. They can successfully be bred only in brackish water. So if you get 2 snails, there will only be 2 snails for the rest of their life. 


3. What to Expect from Us

We generally ship young adult Nerite snails that may not be fully grown. If you receive smaller-sized snails, they will grow up to 1 inch in diameter in a relatively short amount of time, and they will have a longer lifespan to clean up the algae for you.  

If you have any questions about the size or age of the Nerite snail that you receive, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, and we would be more than happy to help.

Warning! Avoid any food product, medication, or plant fertilizer that contains Copper of any form. Copper is toxic to invertebrates. Many commercial fish foods, medications, and plant fertilizers contain copper or more commonly copper sulphate. Always look at the ingredient list for any product going into the aquarium to ensure they are copper-free. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Stephen Blevin
Green Spot Algae Begone!

I bought a dozen of these to distribute around my tanks. I put them all in one tank initially while I'm redesigning the others. The 160 litre tank they went into was recovering from a fertiliser overdose a few weeks before and had a LOT of green spot algae on the well lit front glass. In one week it's gone. They have also cleaned the plant pots, and the stone and woodwork, my plants, the other walls ... remarkable little things! I'll be redistributing them into my other tanks as I complete them, and they should be a valuable addition to all of them.

sue Christie-Cox
tiny babies but..

they were tiny, which was a bit of a surprise, but I can see where they are easting away at algae on the tank front. I'll add a couple more soon.

quick postage and securely packed as per usual

Peter Penhallurick
Awesome snail and good cleaner

Awesome little snail and heaps good at cleaning allege off decorations and glass fast postage
Thank you

Mark Lebeter

Fantastic to receive colour/shell mixture of nerites, they're in the tank somewhere lol
Thank you Micro Aquatic shop

Cas M
Tiny snails!

Didn’t realise they would be so tiny. Was worried my goldfish would eat them, but luckily my fish are babies too. And the snails are slowly growing!

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