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Bee Pollen

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Bee Pollen

The bee pollen shrimp food forever is a healthy snack for your shrimps. Bee pollen is rich in proteins and amino acids. These proteins and amino acids ensure good cell construction, which supports shrimp growth, colour, and breeding. Bee pollen is a good supplement to the daily shrimp feed to support the growth of your (young) shrimps.

Additionally, bee pollen is full of trace elements. These are nutritional supplements that shrimps require in small amounts, but they are not able to live without. By feeding this food next to the daily feed you are sure the shrimps get everything they need. Bee pollen is also rich in various yeasts, which promote the intake of nutrients in the intestinal tract.

Altogether, the bee pollen shrimp food make a healthy and full of minerals and protein snack for your shrimps. The Bee Pollen is 100% natural and vegetable.


Bee pollen, vegetable by-products

Bee pollen contains Calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus, chlorine, silicon, manganese, sulphur,  amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antibiotics and antioxidants and more.

Various enzymes have been identified in bee pollen including Diastase, invertase, catalase, phosphatase, lactic acid, and sucinsaure Dehydrogenase. These are substances, when consumed, help shrimp to utilize food better and can accelerate the growth (growth substances) and other natural hormone substances, resulting in a very positive impact on shrimp and other organisms.

Bee pollen granules consist of approximately

  • Carbs: 40%
  • Protein: 35%
  • Water: 4–10%
  • Fats: 5%


Use it every 2-3 days as supplementary food for the shrimp. Please feed very little, it is a supplementary feed.

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Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen is rich in protein and amino acids which is great for baby shrimps. When you put it in the tank it breaks up into fine particles which is great for the baby shrimp. It will go a long way great prices and product. One happy customer.

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Bee Pollen
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