Ceratopteris pteridoides - Antler fern

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Antler fern provides shelter for the aquarium inhabitants and is well accepted by labyrinth fishes for their foam nests. 

Ceratopteris pteridoides is also interesting for South America-themed biotope aquariums, together with other floating plants from this region such as Phyllanthus fluitans, Azolla, and Salvinia species. 

Ceratopteris pteridoides, being a floating aquarium plant, requires a large fertilizer supply and enough illumination. The ideal temperature is between 18 and 30 degrees Celsius. A nutrient deficit or imbalance can result in pale new leaves and slow development.

This fern may grow fairly huge in a short amount of time if conditions are favorable. If the leaf rosettes have grown too large for the tank, they can be replaced with any of the many new plantlets that grow on old, detached leaves.

Size: 7cm - Sell $10/plant


Difficulty: Easy
Lighting: Moderate to high
Growth Rate: Fast
Placement: Midground or floater


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Ceratopteris pteridoides - Antler fern
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