Digital Meter TDS TEMP PPM Tester Pen Stick

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  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • This digital pen style meter is an ideal instrument for any aquarium, the fishing industry, swimming pools, school laboratories, food & beverage, etc. And, this Digital TDS Water Quality Tester is ideal for all basic water testing applications. This product is highly efficient and accurate due to its advanced microprocessor technology. 
  • Hold Function: stores measurements for convenient reading and recording.
  • Auto-off function: the meter shuts off automatically after 10 minutes of non-use to conserve batteries. Measurement Ranges is between 0-9990 ppm, and from 0-999 ppm, the resolution is in increments of 1ppm; from 1000 to 9990 ppm, the resolution is in increments of 10ppm, indicated by a blinking 'x10' image.
  • Applied range: the production and drinking of purified water, Electroplating liquid, Boiler water, Water in fish tank, Water of swimming pools, Photograph flushing fluid, Well water, Deep phreatic water, Laboratory, Aquaculture, Food processing, etc


  1. Measures total dissolved solids (TDS) and temperature
  2. Measurement Range: 0-9990 ppm
  3. Accuracy: 2% Full Scale: ±1, ±2
  4. Digital Calibration (push button): Factory Calibrated
  5. Shuts off automatically after 10 minutes of non-use
  6. Automatic temperature compensation function: it can automatically change the displayed value into the value of 25
  7. High accuracy: Use the Titanium alloy probe which can avoid magnetic disturbance to test water and only has the error (± 0.1)
  8. Measuring temperature: 0 - 50 and it can be stored in the environment (- 30)
  9. Fast measuring: can measure once in five seconds
  10. Accuracy: ± 0.1PH (at 20)
  11. Battery: NOT INCLUDED
  12. Relative Humidity: <95
  13. Working temperature: 0 - 50
  14. Zero: Adjust by the compensate potentiometer
  15. Through the EU CE and ROHS certification
  16. Size(L*W*H):15*2.40*1.70cm/5.91"80.94"*0.67"



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Digital Meter TDS TEMP PPM Tester Pen Stick
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