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Plant Growth
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-Increase growth, stimulate roots and shoots, including amino acids and microelements, helping plants grow healthy even when the lake does not have CO2.  In addition, the product also supports the aquarium in the early stages of setup. For mosses, limit the status of yellow moss, not growing, not sticking to the substrate. Moreover, helping to reduce the thickness of the MiniTaiwan moss, in addition, for Minifiss shallow leaves, the product will stimulate Minifiss to release water faster and faster than green for yellow moss. More specifically, when used for tanks with Bucep, the product will stimulate Bucep to root faster than normal, helping the tree to quickly catch up with the growth of the lake. -K Hi when used in excess, the lake will not be harmful. Ingredients include

 simple amino acids, which act on plants to stimulate the formation of auxins in plants so that plants and mosses, that's FASTER bottles. On the other hand, it is a product that stimulates waxes, ferns to release water leaves very quickly, without causing moss to cling to leaves like conventional water fertilizers

-The product is also used to treat yellowing, stunting and does not develop in aquatic plants. The product is safe for all kinds of shrimp To promote the best performance of the product, it should be used with LIQUID3 and REMOVE BBA products to promote the best performance for the aquarium.

 Size: 100 ML

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Faster - Hormones For Plants
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