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Moss Ball Plastic Holder

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Great for creating floating Moss Balls for Planted and Shrimp Tanks.
Two holders can be combined to make a full sphere Moss Ball.

Perfect for Christmas Moss, Flame Moss, and Java Moss

Package contains-
- Plastic holder
- Transparent Line
- 2x Coins

Customer Reviews

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Ashlin L.
Pretty Solid Item!

The Moss Ball Plastic Holder was easy to put together, although lacking in instructions a quick google search does the trick. My only issue is the bottom plastic plate is quite hard to get into place; I had to roughly push the dome out where the ledges for holding the plate were.

Otherwise, it is good quality and came with everything needed to set up (minus plants of course), not to mention it survived my manhandling without deformation!

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Moss Ball Plastic Holder
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