Freshwater PH Test Kit

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 Freshwater Ph Test Kit

pH is an important part of every aquarium as it plays a role in fish health, colouration and potential breeding. This kit allows you to know where your aquarium is now, and then by using the pH Up and Down powders you can adjust to the desired pH level. 


1. Rinse the tube in aquarium water first, ideally the water about to be tested. 
2. Half fill the tube and add to drops of the solution. 
3. Add the cap; do not use your finger to cover as this may alter the reading. 
4. Shake and allow a minute to view the colour. 
5. Compare to the chart on the box.
6. Adjust the pH as required following directions below. 

Using the powders always starts with 1 tablespoon per 30L. Allow about 1 hour then re-test and repeat as needed. Do not alter quickly as fish may be shocked with the change. It is better to alter slowly over a few days where possible. If no fish are present adjust as quickly as needed.

Avoid extreme acid or extreme alkaline aquarium water. Recommend regular monthly water changes of approximately 25% of tank capacity to regulate pH and avoid accumulation of toxic waste by-products. 

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