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Shrimp Maintenance Weekly Bundle

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Shrimp Maintenance Weekly Bundle


- 500 mL PSB (Photosynthetic bacteria)

- ST-01 Bacter Powder


Benefits of using PSB Bacteria in the aquarium:

PSB greatly contributes to the nitrogen cycle of the aquarium. Following are some benefit of using PSB bacteria in the aquarium:

  • PSB helps improves the quality of water in an aquarium. 
  • It helps decompose many toxic matters such as nitrous acid, organic materials, ammonia, pond sludge, and hydrogen sulphide. 
  • It enhances the disease resistance capacity of an aquarium.
  • It not only purifies the water quality but increases oxygen dissolution capacity. 
  • It helps reduces chemical and antibiotic usage as it prevents aquatic life from disease. It also helps decreasing diseases by restraining the pathogenic bacteria counts in the water.
  • It also helps decrease COD, SS (suspended substances), and BOD and improve water quality.
  • It is rich in nutrition as it contains vitamin B, vitamin Avitamin D, protein, and others.
  • It helps improve the appetite of fish and shrimps and their digestion.
  • It helps promote botanical plankton growth.

ST-01 Bacter Powder

Snow effect from our All in 1 Bacter Powder ST-01 for shrimp from Shrimp Touch Product!
Widely used in many Shrimp Farms from Vietnam, Taiwan, and other countries

-They helped to reduce cycle time for new soil to only 7-10 days instead of 4 weeks.
-Provide essential nutrients in a new ecosystem for -shrimps especially baby shrimps
-Create a nice green wall on glass in a few days so babies shrimps can have the best source of food after born
-Provide natural food source for adults and babies shrimps
-Provide your water with good bacterias and enhance your water quality.

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Jeff Hewitt
Weekly Bundle

Easy to use, clear instructions tank looks to have turned around, no deaths since using the wreekly maintenance bundle

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Shrimp Maintenance Weekly Bundle
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